On eBay: Blue Note, Transition & Hyperbole

Was watching this later pressing to see if it would sell: John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This was a United Artists pressing. The vinyl was in M- condition, but the cover had a corner clip. The starting price was $44.44 and there were no bidders. Not sure where the market is for these United Artists pressings. I do have a bunch of them and I’m planning to hold onto them. They sound fine, not like the original pressings, but not like the reprocessed stereo editions either.

Here’s an interesting one from our “friend” Bobdjukic: Don Byas, Tenor Sax Solos, Atlantic 11233. This is a 10-inch LP with an interesting cover. The listing notes that it is an uncredited David Stone Martin illustration and, I have to admit, it looks like one for sure. But when this seller says something is “absolutely certain” I tend to wonder. In this case, I think he’s accurate, but it would nice to get confirmation from one of the experts out there as well. The rest of the hyperbole in the listing is a true work of art. Here is some of the language: “One of the rarest jazz albums in existence,” plus “We are reasonably certain that less than four copies

have been offered on eBay IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY.” Gotta admire the chutzpah. This one is at $100.

Here’s one for the $1,000 bin: Donald Byrd, Byrd’s Eye View, Transition 4. This was an original pressing from Euclid Records. The record was M-, the cover was VG++ and it included the booklet. The price was $1,371.


  • I would guess that the Byas cover is by Burt Goldblatt.

  • Yes, yes, now that I look at it again, I agree.

  • Good ol’ “Bobby-dj” is up to his old tricks again I see… This guy has waaaay too much time on his hands. If you get a chance, check out another one of his postings on ebay for a “sealed” copy of John Coltrane’s Giant Steps – Item#350338216315.

    He has a lot of photo’s of what they believe might be inside this proverbial crackerjack box… The bidding is already at $610, yet the reserve is not met ! This is one serious crap-shoot if you ask me… The suspense is almost unbearable, I for one can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

  • my vote’s with Goldblatt. birkajazz.com credits him for this one under their Atlantic page. The line has his cleaner more muscular quality – as opposed to DSM’s rough quill.

  • Nice detective work,bethellodge. And THAT’S why I make sure to stay on the right side of the law!

  • I’m Reasonably certain (©Bob Djukic), that that this IS a Burt Goldblatt cover. It has exactly the same style as John Kirby cover on Columbia. But im also reasonnably certain (©Bob Djukic) that, as in many other phony litings, mr. Bob is, as ususal, trying to get the more money possible from unknowledgeable millionnaires

  • …You can’t blame Bob for trying right. He does put a lot of effort into those postings, and there is a sort of marketing genius in there somewhere. Although, I recall getting burnt when I first started collecting on a sealed LP. It was a copy of John Coltrane’s Blue Train, turned out to be a New York pressing… The fact that it was sealed was the “tell” & biggest rookie mistake at the time. Live & learn right !

  • FYI — that sealed copy of Giant Steps is back now on eBay with a buy it now price of $1,000.

  • That’s not a buy it now price. Sorry. That’s where the bidding is and it has surpassed the reserve price.

  • Giant Steps went for over 2000. There is a lot of Djukic bashing on this site. I have no experience with the guy. His way of presenting the albums does not appeal to me, on the contrary, it puts me off. But apparently it works and one cannot reasonably blame him.

  • …I’ll admit I have tossed a few in our “friend” Bob’s general direction in past, but ’tis all in good fun, really !

  • …but when he describes, for instance, the recent copy he sold of Out To Lunch (for $356!) as “THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, FIRST U.S. PRESSING; THIS IS NOT A REISSUE…” when it doesn’t have the ear (& I wrote and asked to make sure) then surely that is wrong & misleading.

  • This is a Burt Goldblatt cover. I own a copy and it says ‘goldblatt’ on the fold-over back edge…

    Its a nice record too!

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