The One I Left Behind?

Some interesting 10-inch LPs, 78s and other items on the new eBay auction from the Jazz Record Center. Here’s a few to watch, starting with Red Mitchell, Happy Minors, Bethlehem 1033. This is an original 10-inch pressing In M- condition for the record and probably VG++ for the cover. There’s writing on the back, but the writing is from the previous owner, Thomas Stewart, who also wrote the liner notes for this record. So it has some interesting provenance. It also has the presence of  Zoot Sims and Bob Brookmeyer, which can’t hurt. The start price is $200. My own story with this record: I used to travel to Palo Alto all the time for business. There was a book store that also sold records and occasionally they would get some nice jazz. The prices were a bit high for the time, but not unreasonable. I remember a mint copy of this record sitting on the shelf for $50. I had it in my hand, put it down, had it in my hand, put it down, looked at a few other records, picked it up again. This went on for a while. In my memory I wound up buying the record for $50. Except, I guess I didn’t. I just looked on my shelves and, alas, no Happy Minors. My hope is that I have the record, but I just misfiled it or something. So later, or this weekend, I will go through all of my 10-inch records in search of the one I may have left behind. It’s probably a great record, right?

A few others from the Jazz Record Center:

Kenny Dorham Quintet, Debut 9. This is an original 10-inch pressing, also from the collection of Thomas Stewart. The record is in M- condition and the cover looks to be VG++, with similar writing as the Red Mitchell record. The start price for this one is $150.

The Amazing Bud Powell, Blue Note 5003. This is another original 10-inch pressing from the Thomas Stewart collection. The record is in M- condition and the cover is probably VG++. The start price is $100.





  • my experience is that buying at distance is easier than buying a record in hands. When one has a long sought item in hands, the glamour is less, one sees the imperfections and then the decision is too often made not to buy, with the inevitable regrets afterwards.
    Happy Minors is a little gem. Esp. Brookmeyer is in great shape.

  • …Is it just me or is that cover illustration of the “Happy Minors” a little too creepy for a Jazz LP ?

  • Wow ! this ‘Happy Minors’ is a real horror of a cover!
    maybe an entry for…
    a very entertaining blog view of bad graphic design 🙂

  • I had the Helen Carr & Charlie Mariono 10″, but sadly let them go a couple years back….

  • ADAMSKI: the late Burt Goldblatt was a very versatile graphic artist/sleeve stylist with a special sense of humour not appreciated by everybody.

  • Rudolf: I am very familiar with his work and I appreciate some of the imagination and humour, I LOVE the Max Bennett Zebra cover and the Sylvia Sims, Sylvia SIms Sings, typographical vortex is just amazing!! …..Mel Torme illustration using cars as an outline is just to darn clever, Songs By Mabel Mercer has been on my bedroom mantle for years, beautiful.
    I’m afraid I can’t see the humour in the Happy Minors cover at all… I agree with don-lucky…just Creepy.
    I guess even Burt bad a bad day (imho)

  • Adamsky, thanks for the link. Very funny !

  • Adamski: de gustibus non est disputandum. I too love the zebra cover and, in another vein, the abstract cum Italia, on the Conte Candoli album for Bethlehem.

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