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Art BlakeyLet’s catch up with some of the items in our inbox.

I just received a note that the 40th annual Jazz Record Collector’s Bash will take place June 27 and June 28 at the  Hilton Woodbridge in Iselin, N.J. Not a lot of details yet, but there are always sellers with lots of records and there are usually films and discussions and music as well. I used to attend regularly and scored some nice records, but I haven’t been in years. June 27 and June 28 are prime bass-fishing season up in The Berkshires, so nature calls. I will, however, be at the WFMU Record Fair, which will take place this year May 30-June 1 in New York City. I will have a booth for Friday only, selling some of the duplicates from my recent score in Baltimore. Normally I would also be bass fishing on that particular weekend, but I have a personal engagement in Manhattan, so I’m stuck. But I’ll also have some nice records with me.

Here’s an interesting article: The Vinyl Revival: Who — and Why — Are Those Folks Buying Records Again. It’s nice to see that younger people are discovering what we’ve known all along: There’s no better medium for owning and listening to music than vinyl.

The Art Blakey A Night At Birdland Records Volume 1 and 2, Blue Note 1521 and 1522, have been added to the Library of Congress list of recordings to be preserved in the National Recording Registry. Nice honor for some great records. I would have been nice to have seen the original covers with the release, or even the original 10-inch covers, rather than the reissued cover. But that’s just a quibble. Always nice to see jazz recordings from the era receive honors and accolades, long overdue, wouldn’t you say?




  • I also see Dust My Broom by Elmore James was on the Library of Congress list. Great, great song.

  • Gregory The Fish

    see you at WFMU again, AL! bring me some nice original impulses to buy from you. 🙂

  • I’m planning on attending WFMU but I won’t be there until Saturday morning. Is it still worth going? I would love to walk away with a grip of nicely priced, VG+ desireable LPs rather than one ultra rare ultra clean piece. I assume there’s still stuff like that kicking around on Saturday morning? What have you all found at the show in the past?

  • Sounds like Phil is “chomping at the bit”! This winter has been so bitter…I’ve no intention on rushing spring along! As to the Blakey,does anyone know HOW such recordings are preserved? I’m assuming there is a digitization process(to preserve against the ages),but the concept takes on new meaning when the prime source material is so distinct for it’s ORIGINAL sound as is Blue Note. And what about those covers-originals when available,a scanned image if not? And what kind of funds are available for enhancing the LOC collection? Is there a hip congressional aide(who minored in Music Appreciation)that is competing with me on Ebay from time to time? Hmmm…

  • “Is there a hip congressional aide(who minored in Music Appreciation)that is competing with me on Ebay from time to time? Hmmm…” – If this job exists I majored in the wrong subject!

  • Steve,if it doesn’t exist-it should!

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