Jazz Vinyl Countdown: Jackie For Sale

We had mentioned seeing this record on eBay the other day: Jackie McLean Consequence, Blue Note King GFX-8172. This is a 1965 record that was not issued in the United States and was, in fact, issued on this Japanese pressing for the first time. It’s a nice record featuring Jackie with Lee Morgan, Harold Mabern, Herbie Lewis, Billy Higgins. The first track, Bluesanova, is slightly Sidewinder-like and there’s a nice medium tempo version of My Old Flame. We didn’t realize it was a valuable collectible until we saw the copy on eBay at more than $100: It eventually sold for $185.50. That copy was in M- condition for both the record and the cover. Our copy is M- for the vinyl and VG++ for the cover (there’s a little wear around the edges). In any case, we are going to try something a little different with this record: We are going to

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Now Available: Vintage Autographs, High End Audio

We get all kinds of random inquiries here at Jazz Collector. We’ll post a few here, in case anyone is interested or has any comments.

One of our readers has a set of three vintage photos, autographed, framed and mounted. All three photos appear to be made out to Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. The signatures are from Dizzy Gillespie: “To my Dixieland friend — Dizzy G” (that’s what it is, although it would be tough to associate Lockjaw with Dixieland); Dave Tough: “To Jaws, Dave Tough;” and Sidney Catlett: “Blow that horn Jaws! — Sidney Catlett.” It is certainly an interesting piece of jazz memorabilia. If you are interested drop us at note at al@jazzcollector.com and we’ll put you in touch with the seller.

Another of our readers is moving from New York to California and has a batch of high-end audio equipment he is looking to sell. This includes a Klyne pre-amp; B&K stereo amp; Carver tuner; Sota turntable; Sumiko tonearm; Snell speakers and

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More J.R. Monterose: Extremely Rare Recordings Available

Okay, I promised you something cool on J.R. Monterose.  I got a note the other day from a guy who has one-of-a-kind aluminum core acetate recordings J.R. made as a teenager. He got these from the estate of J.R.’s wife. They are 78s, of course, from the mid-1940s, and there are 12 altogether.  Well, I’ll just let you read the note he sent me:

“Hello. A few years ago I attended an estate sale in Utica NY of the late wife of JR Monterose. I purchased a stack of old records and in them were some aluminum core acetate (Wilcox Gay recording) albums of JR playing when he was a teenager. These are the only recordings of their kind for this artist (app.1944) I took the recordings to Syracuse University Belfer audio lab where they

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Stomp Off Records For Sale

So I’ve been talking about how often I now receive inquiries from people looking to sell records or other collectibles, and I posted the Andy Warhol autograph and Blue Note 78s earlier this week, and no one out there has expressed interest yet, and still the inquiries keep coming in. Here’s one from a guy in the U.K. who has 350 records from the Stomp Off record label. He also has three brochures as part of the collection. He has no idea what he wants for these, but it looks like he would be interested in selling them all at once. If anyone is interested, drop me an email at al@jazzcollector.com and I’ll put you together with the seller. By they way, I don’t get a commission on any of these things: It is my goal in life to make Jazz Collectors happy the world over and, for me, that is reward enough. Or something like that.

More Peak Prices, Plus Miles, Sonny, Trane For Sale

In mentioning records reaching new price peaks, I inadvertently left out a couple of records among the ones I’ve sold recently. These aren’t records we’ve tracked often, but we haven’t seen higher prices for either of them:

Granchan Moncur III, Some Other Stuff, Blue Note 4177. This was a New York USA pressing. The record was M- and the cover was VG++. It sold for $223. 70.

Anthony Williams, Spring, Blue Note 4216. This was also a New York USA pressing in beautiful condition, M- for the record and VG++ for the cover. This one sold for $202.50.

We have a bunch of records up on eBay now, although none will fetch those kinds of prices. Here are a few of the records that are available:

John Coltrane (et al), Wheelin’ and Dealin’, Prestige 7131. This is an original pressing, with the New York

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78s Anyone?

Does anyone out there collect 78s? I mention this because, over the past several weeks several people have gotten in touch with me with 78s to sell and I’m not sure what kind of market there is for them. I’ll pass along some of the information and we’ll see what happens. The most interesting of the items is the Norman Granz project called The Jazz Scene, which is a packaged set signed and numbered by Norman Granz. The owner of this item described it as being in mint, immaculate, unplayed condition. It is number 2747 of a series of 5,000 copies. We’ve seen this sell for a lot of money on eBay, but it’s not something we’ve tracked in the Jazz Collector Price Guide. The following is a description of the item from the seller:

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For Sale: Louis Armstrong Autograph

I just posted an interesting item on The Jazz Collector Store on eBay: A copy of the Louis Armstrong autobiography Satchmo, My Life In New Orleans, which is autographed by Louis Armstrong. It is signed in large print on the title page: “To Joel From Satchmo Louis Armstrong.” The Satchmo is underlined. I have a receipt stating that I paid $270 for this item nearly 10 years ago, but I just posted it for $200. I did a quick search on eBay and there are not that many Armstrong autographs available and none quite as strong as this one, since it is an inscribed autobiography. Since the item is in the store and not up on auction, it could go fast, so I wanted to make sure I gave a heads-up to all of you who read Jazz Collector in case you wanted to grab it. If you buy it and tell me you read about it at Jazz Collector, I’ll give you an additional $10 discount. Can’t beat that.

This Week on Ebay: Miles, Clifford, Trane

We haven’t been very active selling on eBay lately: Just life getting in the way. However, this week we found some time to clean and post a bunch of items. It’s a mixed bag, but there are a few nice ones, including:

Miles Davis, Blue Haze, Prestige 7054. This is an original New York yellow label Prestige. It’s in VG+ condition, and sounds quite nice. We put a start price of $30 and it’s already received a bid, so we expect there to be some action.

We also put up a nice-sounding original copy of Clifford Brown, Jam Session, Emarcy 36002. This also has a start price of $30. It’s a great record, with a lot of positive energy. 

As you may have noticed on the Jazz Collector site, we’ve been going through some old Downbeat Magazines, looking for collectibles (we’re even giving one away). We’ve put a few up for sale in our eBay story, and we put a very interesting one up for auction yesterday. It is:

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The Resurgence of the Resurgence

A few weeks ago we decided to try something new on the site: We put up a record for sale at what we thought was a fairly low price. The record was The Resurgence of Dexter Gordon, Jazzland 929S. This was (and still is) an original stereo pressing. The record and the cover are both in VG++ condition. We put a $25 tag on it, figuring someone would jump on it quickly. But no one did, and still no one has. Part of the reason we were doing this to see if our new e-commerce plug-in was working. We still don’t know. So here’s what we’re doing. We’re lowering the price of the record to $15. If you’re interested, click here and follow the link. We have just the one copy. Once it’s gone, that’s it. Hopefully someone will be interested in a bargain, and hopefully the system will work.

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