A Couple of New Ones For The Price Guide

Here are a few items that don’t normally make the Jazz Collector Price Guide:

Sonny Rollins, The Bridge, RCA 2527. This was an original stereo pressing listed in M- condition by a very reputable seller who also owns the best record store on Long Island. Still, while this is an interesting record with an interesting history — the return of Rollins after his legendary practice sessions on the Williamsburg Bridge — it has never really been a collectible item, at least in terms of its selling price. Perhaps it’s starting to move up the ranks: This one sold for $90.99. Not quite Blue Note prices, but a collectible price nonetheless.

Here’s another one we normally don’t track:

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Catching Up: Miles, Ernie Henry, Brew Moore

Time to catch up on a few items we’ve been watching. It’s a little scary when the auctions of bobdjukic, which are getting quite a lot of attention from some of our commentators, are fetching higher prices than those of Jazz Record Center or Euclid. But that’s life on eBay, which tends to be a great equalizer. Anyway, both JRC and Euclid had some auctions close yesterday, with some interesting items, including: Miles Davis, ‘Round About Midnight, Columbia 949. This was an original mono pressing with the white promo label from Jazz Record Center. The record was in M- condition and the cover was at least a VG++. This one sold for $291. This is another case where I believe the promo label actually helped to boost the sale price.

This beauty was sold by Euclid Records: Ernie Henry, 7 Standards and a Blues, Riverside, Riverside 248. This was an original blue label pressing in near mint condition for both the cover and the vinyl. The price was $564.32. I think that sets a record for this LP, but

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For the $1,000 Bin: Blue Notes, Prestige

Time again to update the $1,000 bin.

Walter Davis, Davis Cup, Blue Note 4018. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing and was sold by a reputable dealer. The record was listed in M- condition and was described as “uplayed.” The cover was probably VG+, based on the description. The price was $2,000. Our previous high price for this record in the Jazz Collector Price Guide was $1,248.

This one has made many appearances in the $1,000 bin: Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134. This was an original pressing with a promo stamp. The record and cover looked to be in M- condition. The price was $2,175.

Lee Morgan, Indeed, Blue Note 1538. This looked like an original Lexington Avenue pressing with the deep grooves, although the seller’s description was quite lacking, making it

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Catching Up: What’s a Promo Worth?

Here’s an update on some odds and ends we’ve been watching on eBay:

Zoot Sims, Stretching Out, United Artists 4023. This was an original deep groove mono pressing. It was a promo copy, with a promo stamp and the white label and it was in M- condition, for both the record and the cover. The price was $124. What do you think: Does the promo stamp enhance the value of a record for you, or detract, or neither. I recall in the world of rock albums, the promo stamp was always considered a good thing, but I’ve never heard that one way or another in the jazz world. Which leads me to this LP: Bill Evans, Waltz For Debby, Riverside 399. This was an original pressing with the white promo label. The record was

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