Jazz Collector Store: 25% Discount on Everything

Here’s a heads-up to all my friends at Jazz Collector. If you want to purchase any of my items on eBay now, I am offering a 25 percent discount. You can just go to the top of the page for Items for Sale and take a look. There are about 90 items currently in my eBay Store. Also, remember I do combined shipping, so if you buy three or four items in the U.S., the shipping remains very inexpensive.

Here’s the method to this madness. First off, I wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes and keeping the site going while I was away. Second, eBay has changed its pricing policy for anyone who is running a store on the site. It’s interesting the way they do things, because I received this very nice email congratulating me because they were reducing prices and upgrading my store listings. It turns out that this was, as you might expect, a bit of a

red herring. Actually, they are increasing the price, pretty dramatically, for my store listings. I have a basic store, usually with about 100 items, and it has been costing me three cents a month for each listing. Under the new scheme, the cost of listing each item in the store is now 20 cents a month. How eBay thought this was a price decrease for me is a logic beyond my understanding. In any case, the new rates go into effect on March 30, so I figured this would be a good time to reduce the inventory and give everyone an opportunity to find some bargains. I had to create a storewide sale on eBay to facilitate this process. I think it actually goes into effect at 11 a.m. Eastern today, which is about a half hour from the time I am posting this item. The sale will last a week and after that I will probably pull the items off the online shelves and replace them with new items. If you’re interested in any of these items, good luck.


  • heard of these? sidney bechet,pete johnson,james p johnson,art hodes,port of harlem seven

  • with the exception, I believe, of Pete Johnson, they were all on 10″ Blue Note LP’s.

  • I’ve been lookin through this site trying to get a handle on a lot of jazz lp’s my dad left me. I have some blue note, verve, prestige, argo, jazzland, monument and more. They are not mint. I’d say most vinyl is vg, most covers are worn. My dad played the hell out of most of them. Are they still worth selling? Some have little tic noise. I use a Garrard laboratory series type A, diamond ..7 mil conical needle. most sound fair to
    average. tx Ralph

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