A Short Clip: Jimmy Raney With Stan Getz

I was thinking about what Bethellodge stated on the earlier post about Jimmy Raney. I set up some new software yesterday making it easier to record from my turntable into the computer, so I’ve been playing with it and decided to try it out here and provide a service to the community as well. The idea was to post something from the Jimmy Raney Ensemble 10-inch LP, pictured here, and I was recording Stella By Starlight when I realized if Bethellodge and others were not aware of Raney, it would also mean that they were probably not aware of one of my very favorite records in the world, which is Stan Getz Plays, Norgran 1042. Raney is pretty much a supporting player on this LP — I think he has just one solo — but Getz is in absolutely top form on this LP and Getz in top form is as good as anyone who ever held a tenor sax. So, from Stan Getz Plays, here is The Way You Look Tonight, with some supporting guitar work by Jimmy Raney in the ensembles. Enjoy.

The Way You Look Tonight


  • Al,that’s three minutes,three seconds of perfection! My favorite “Getzian” period-early,mid 50’s. There’s A Small Hotel,Lady In Red,Shine,Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams-timeless. And I’m sure that cover decorates the wall of many a jazzhead;like the music,it touches the heart. I’m guessing your new (and successful) turntable/computer hookup will be the subject of a future column-looking forward to it!

  • great moments by great artists. Thanks Al for educating the youngsters.
    In a similar setting, on 2 LP’s “Live at Storyville”, on the Roost label, Jimmy Raney is featured abundantly.
    The mid-fifties Getz is a very accomplished artist. I am at my 3rd copy of “West Coast Jazz” – Norgran 1032, which is everything but West Coast Jazz. I played the 2 previous copies grey.
    Norgran 1032 is for sale right now at Euclid’s. I am curious how much it will fetch. This is my favourite Getz album. Has also superb Levy and excellent Conte C. A lovely pick-up unit.

  • My favorite Getz of the era is the one from yesterday, Stan Getz Plays. I’ve also been listening lately to Stan Getz in Stockholm, Verve 8213, which is also great. Quite pleasing to hear Bengt Hallberg on this. He is a very strong soloist and accompanist, laid-back but very pretty and swinging. There’s definitely a story behind this album, but I’m not sureI remember what it was. The album was recored in Dcember 1955, released a couple of years later and, if I recall correctly, it was perhaps recorded after Getz had gotten out of a drug rehab? In the liner notes there is a mention of pleurisy and pneumonia, but I do believe this is a euphemism. Perhaps someone knows the real story and can share it with us.

  • That’s what I love about this blog…as a relatively newcomer to jazz you always find great recommendations! Tanks for the Getz file – very beautiful. This record will go on my want list for sure.

  • Al: I was about to say “de gustibus non est disputandum”, after having heard what I thought to be the record you referred to. But then, after having a closer look, it appeared I had listened to “Imported from Europe” Verve 8331. This is the one with the group including Lars Gullin and Ake Persson and pianists Jan Johansson and Bengt Hallberg. It is not great and has a ridiculous cover: a flic (= French cop) gesticulating to drivers of a Simca Aronde and a Peugeot 403 on a Paris traffic circle, whereas the record has got nothing to do with France (recorded in Sweden with Swedes).
    I am now listening to Bengt on Verev 8213. It is great indeed. The tracks were recorded by Karusell. Maybe it took just some time to get the licences for a US issue. I don’t think that Getz’ “problems” could unnecessarily delay the planned issue of a record. But good to have heard this one again!

  • Hi, Rudolf — “de gustibus non est disputandum” I’m guessing a rough translation is: Have you lost your mind?

  • no, it means something like: one cannot argue about taste (or preferences). Some like blondes, others prefer brunettes. Who is right? (Both, I would say, in this particular case).

  • Thanks Al, very nice. You can spot that Getz tone from the first bar, huh?

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