A Pair of Semi-Originals From the U.K.

Sonny Rollins copyThere’s a seller on eBay now with a bunch of the U.K Esquire pressings of the original U.S. Prestige records. I never really had access to seeing these covers until eBay and, I must say, they are quite appealing. I find the artwork on the covers to be really cool. And it helps that the sound on these pressings, at least from what I’ve heard, is comparable to the original U.S. issues. Here are a couple from this auction, staring with: Sonny Rollins, Worktime, Esquire 32-038. This is an original Esquire and it is listed in M- condition for the vinyl and Ex for the cover. There is one bidder at approximately $115 and the auction closes in a couple of days. I know it’s not an original U.S. pressing, but it’s a pretty nice package and pretty rare, to boot. Hard to imagine that an early pressing like this from the 1950s won’t go up in value.

Red Garland, A Garland of Red, Esquire 32-046. This is also an original Esquire listed in Ex+ condition for the record and Ex for the cover. There is also one bidder and the record is in the $70 range.


Red copy


One comment

  • I have several UK Esquire Versions of the Prestige original, and you are right Al, the sound is comparable.
    As for the covers that have changed the
    one i find not so good is SOULTRANE graphics a bit naff in my opinion.
    Maybe some other of your patrons have opinions on the covers.

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