A Prestige-eous Day

MantecaLet’s start the day with a couple of Prestige records we are watching on eBay, starting with Red Garland, Manteca, Prestige 7139. This is an original pressing with the New York address. When I started collecting, this record was fairly common, but most often with the New Jersey address. You don’t see that many with the New York address perhaps because it was at the end of the New York cycle. The latest number I’ve seen with a New York Address is Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, The Cookbook, Prestige 7141. I’ve never seen a New York Soultrane, which is Prestige 7142. This copy of Manteca is in VG+ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. The price is in the $160 range.

Art Farmer Quintet Featuring Gigi Gryce, Prestige 7017. This is an original pressing with the yellow label and New York address. The record is listed in M- condition and the cover is Ex. The bidding is now in the $200 range and there’s a bit more than a day left on the auction, as I type this. This is a terrific record, so I would expect the bidding to rise as the auction gets closer to the end.

Here’s a great Prestige record that did not sell:

John Coltrane, Lush Life, Prestige 7188. This was an original New Jersey pressing listed in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover, although the pictures seem to indicate that the cover grading was a bit liberal. The seller had a start price of about $300 for this one and there was no action. Perhaps a bit high, although, as noted, this is a great record.



  • This Prestige 7017 is the kind of record i’d like to own in NM, because, as Al told us, it is terrific. I already have a VG+ copy. But when you have found a decent and playable VG+ copy for 10 euros at your local flea market, are you ready to spend 200 euros in Ebay for the same record ?

  • Michel – to me, NO. But I’m probably in the minority here. VG+ is enjoyable to me; the music shines through and I can afford it!

  • What Joe said. I’ve paid $50 for two records, Introducing Ernie Henry and (Tampa’s) Marty Paich quartet ($50 being my personal high), and both records were in very good condition (the Ernie Henry album jacket was mint, the Marty Paich cover was vg). I love both of these records, and it would have to be another love affair for me to go over $50.

  • Agreed on the Lush Life jacket: the top corner makes it more VG+, but besides that, sure, it pretty much looks VG++.

  • I sort of agree with Rich – just some seam dinging on an otherwise M- jacket would reduce it only to a VG++ IMHO – however, I do think that $300 was a bit ambitious – not aware that Lush has ever garnered more than ~ 250, though I’m not sure why this should be; it’s certinly one of Tranes best

  • I have Manteca with NY labels in great shape. Knew it was the end of using the NY labels but didn’t realize that pressing was rare. Mine cost $15, hooray!

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