Catching Up On a Jazz Vinyl Quintet

dolphyLet’s catch up on a few more jazz vinyl auctions we were tracking, including: Eric Dolphy, Out There, New Jazz 8252. This was an original pressing with the purple labels and deep grooves. The record looked to be in VG++ condition and the cover was VG+. The price was $416. I like the covers on this one and Outward Bound. Very cool, and reflective in their way of the music.

This one from the Jazz Record Center wound up selling and fetching a pretty nice price: Lester Young, The President, Norgran 1005. This was an original yellow label pressing in what looked to be M- condition for the cover and the record. The final price was $365.

Here are a few other items from the Jazz Record Center auction:

Tommy Flanagan, The Cats, New Jazz 8217. This was an original purple label deep groove pressing in M- condition for both the cover and the record. It sold for $449.

Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago, Mercury 20449. This was an original black label deep groove pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $133.50.

The Red Garland Quintet with John Coltrane, Dig It!, Prestige 7229. This was an original yellow label pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for  $124.72. A few weeks ago, I listened to all of the Red Garland records with Coltrane. They are terrific. I’m surprised they don’t get higher prices. To me, a great original Prestige such as this one is a bargain at $125.




  • the four Red Garland studio quintet albums, feat. Trane, are vastly underestimated by collectors. Despite the presence of Byrd, they show Red and Trane in better form than on any of the Prestige sessions headed by Trane himself, with the exception, maybe, of Soultrane.

  • That Eric Dolphy album is beautiful. Jealousy, thy name is Gregory.

  • Rudolf and Gregory,

    you are both right.

    I have all the 4 RG’s and a mint copy of the ED.

    On top, I also have a M- copy of the Soultrane.

    Sugar for the ears !!!!!

  • Oupps,

    I forgot.. Also a mint copy of The Cats..

    Hard to beat !!!

  • oh, the Cats! Lovely album, one of Prestige’s greatest.

  • Rudolf – right on re: Red’s quintet albums. All superb. But speaking of Trane-as-leader, let’s not forget Lush Life! What a record.

    Coincidentally, rockies, just picked up a very fine copy of The Cats the other day, and have been wearing it out. What a treat. Flanagan in sparkling form.

  • Joe L: Lush Life, oh yeah, I overlooked that one. Shame on me.

  • Having a clean copy of any of the Garland/Trane 4tet lps would be ideal-in the meantime,”Settin’ The Pace” on XRCD2(Jvc/Japan)sounds pretty damn good(If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You,Little Melonae).

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