Jazz Vinyl Countdown: Miles? Prestige?

This is a test of whether I am willing to cut close to the bone in this Jazz Vinyl Countdown upon which I have embarked. This is the record in question: Miles Davis, Early Miles, Prestige 7168. This is a yellow label pressing with the deep groove and RVG in the deadwax and it’s in very nice condition, at least VG++ on the vinyl. Plus it has a promo stamp on the back. So why is this record even in contention to be discarded? Well, the music was previous issued on 10-inch LPs and, more notably, on the 12-inch LP Miles Davis Plus Horns, Prestige 7025. I recently obtained a very nice original pressing of Miles Davis Plus Horns. So, the question I’m asking myself: Does that make Early Miles extraneous. In the old days, the answer would have been a clear NO WAY! Today, however

we are viewing things through a different perspective. There was a time when we dreamed of owning the entire Prestige yellow label series, all yellow labels and originals, of course, but wisely we abandoned that dream when we realized no one should own that many Jack McDuff or Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis LPs, nothing personal against those fine musicians. Then there was the thought of owning just the 7000 and 7100 series, but we put that one aside as well. So, without either long-term goal, does it still make sense to own at least two copies of the same music when we can certainly only listen to one at a time. The answer is . . . no, it does not. Thus, we are going to put Early Miles on eBay today, with a start price of $30 and we are going to assume it is going to wind up in the hands of a collector who either appreciates the fine music or is still pursuing the dream of an entire collection of yellow-label Prestiges.


  • Early Miles is obviously a re-issue. Miles & Horns is a NY label while Early Miles is NJ. That’s the clear distinction and on that determines the difference in value of the two sides. Prestige (Bob Weinstock) was early in game of reissuing material and I know that it lead to some collector confusion back in those days. Cats would buy the reissue then get home and realize they already had the record in it’s previous incarnation but keep the new one anyway. Clever marketing. I have both- a minty mint copy of Pr 7025 & a near mint copy of 7168 with a red, not green cover.

  • And you are keeping both, we presume? Here’s the listing of the Early Miles on eBay:

  • This is my first post. Are you interested in the music are are there other factors involved ? While I have several copies of specific titles, there are many for which I dispose of inferior copies (pressing, condition etc) when a better one comes along. For me this would not have been a question- as soon as I aquired a nice copy of “+Horns”, I would have sold “Early”. It would be nice, but we cann’t have everything… Keep up the good work !

  • Can anyone explain the unbelievable prices received in the recently completed auctions of this seller (see link below)? Trying to understand what’s going on in the market. $350 for LeGrand Jazz on Columbia? $400 for Cannonball in Chicago on Mercury? I know some of these records are still sealed or promos; but such premiums exist for these factors? Ranking the recent auctions of this seller by highest price first shows startling results for records available for much less in recent months. Has the market suddenly gone crazy? Is it time to sell all our records and retire?


  • To RL1856. Welcome aboard. Are you sure you’re a jazz collector? You seem too rational. 🙂

  • GEEZ! $400 for vinyl? I remember in the early 80’s as records were on their way out with the introduction of CD’s… stores couldn’t really give them away! Amazing what happens in 20+ years.

    Keith Fiala

  • I can can answer Al’s question to RL for myself. I thought I was a jazz collector until I found this site.

    I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a jazz fan, mixed with a graphic design fan, who prefers vinyl to digital. So, re Al’s dilemma, I would choose the cover I like better, weigh it against to potential ebay value of the original, see where I’m at financially, then sell the losing copy. Catalogue numbers are just numbers.

    Don’t get me wrong. I find this stuff fascinating… maybe I’m a fan of jazz collectors, if not one myself.

  • If it were just down do covers, Miles + Horns wins, hands down. It’s actually a totally wacky cover when you look closely at it, drawn by Don Martin, who would have subsequent fame at Mad Magazine.

  • …I think for the most part, we here in the “Jazz Collective” are an eccentric breed, many of us may have even been described as “obsessive compulsive” buy our significant others ! Despite this and other abuses by our philistine contemporaries in the digital world, this is the path we have chosen and I for one enjoy the thrill of the hunt for that (im)perfect piece of Jazz ephemera and tonal radiance that one can only find in a Plastylite pressing.
    …So, speaking of that eternal quest for that perfect copy, who else out there currently has purchased more than +7 of the same LP over the years ??? It’s a new year, time to get those proverbial skeletons out of the closet right ? I for one was so obsessed with getting a perfect original MONO press of John Coltrane’s Live at the Village Vanguard Again ! (Impulse A-9124) that I just kept buying them up until I found one I could live with… Sad but true, and I am sure everyone out there probably has a similar story ! My ‘Achilles heel’ was that I never sold them… The average selling price on e-bay ranged between $30-$50 US and the fees ate away at the profit rather quickly after a few weeks so I just gave up… But it is a new year, time to start fresh:
    Step 1: (Admitting you may have a problem) “Hello, my name is Dan, and I am (an obsessive) Jazz Collector”
    Step 2: (Make amends) …If it is alright with Al, I would like to give away some of those skeletons to my fellow members of the Jazz Collective. If anyone wants a FREE* copy, please contact me through Al, and we will coordinate off line. (*All I ask is that you chip in the cost of shipping, as I am all the way up here in Canada !)
    Happy New Year !!!
    p.s. – Al, as my “sponsor” you can have first pick of the litter ! (+n/c for the shipping)

  • To Al- Yes, I’ll hang on to both for the time being, but I think sometime soon (this year) I will be paring down my 5000+ jazz sides to that more real world number of around 1000. Time to get real. BTW, Love those Don Martin covers.

  • Getting down to 1000 sounds easier than the reality. At some point you wind up pulling good records out of the collection and realize that’s it, you’ll probably never see them again.

  • Don-Lucky — not sure what you are asking? Are you giving away free copies of Live At the Village Vanguard Again? Are you offering other records as well? Have you remembered to take your meds? Seriously, I have a funny story about Live At the Village Vanguard Again, which I will share on a later post.

  • …I checked stock last night and I have 5 original orange / black label “Monaural” copies of Coltrane’s Live at the Village Vanguard Again !(+VG) to find good homes for if anyone wants them, they are FREE !!! I can’t be bothered selling them on e-bay, and they are taking up valuable real estate in my collection.
    p.s. – Too much coffee at work yesterday, sorry for the rant Al !

  • Hello Al, hello don-lucky,
    I am watching your site quite regularly as I am fascinated about all the stories behind the music. I am a collector and have quite some hundereds vinyls at home. My Jazz department is starting to grow, just some weeks ago I purchased some nice LPs from AL. If there are still copies from Coltrane’s Live at the Village available I would be delighted to give one copy a new home in Germany!!! Please leave a short message where I have to leave my address and how to pay (is paypal ok?)

  • an anyone explain the unbelievable prices received in the recently completed auctions of this seller (see link below)? Trying to understand what’s going on in the market. $350 for LeGrand Jazz on Columbia? $400 for Cannonball in Chicago on Mercury? I know some of these records are still sealed or promos; but such premiums exist for these factors? Ranking the recent auctions of this seller by highest price first shows startling results for records available for much less in recent months. Has the market suddenly gone crazy? Is it time to sell all our records and retire?

    Brian i’ve edited you post and i agree with you. Those Bobdjukic auctions are UNBELIEVABLE !! 1500 $ for OUT TO LUNCH !!! 1280 for Bill Jennings and LEO PArKER !!! 670 for Destination OUt !!! 458 $ a SECOND PRESS BRownie on Emarcy !!And…. the best of the best…..
    430 $ For an United Artist Press of Hank Mobley !!!! I’ve been since 2001, i follow many auction, but this the most insane auction i’ve ever seen. WHAT DOES THOSE BOB DJUKIC RECORDS AND AUCTION HAVE ? PLEASE ANSWER ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Michel. One thing they seem to have had was one or two of the same bidders on many of the jazz records. These two bidders were off the hook. It’s like they had a vendetta against each other and very little knowledge of available alternative sources (i.e. other auctions for the same records) and decided that Bobdjukic’s auctions were where they would make their stand against each other. The prices were so out of whack for the same records from other sellers. Been trying to come up with an explanation for days now. I doubt anything sinsiter occured here, as I know the seller has been a good seller of long standing on ebay. Perhaps the bidders are up to something? This is as interesting to me as the Nautiliso auctions.

  • I bought a bunch of LPs off the guy back in July 2008, the most expensive of which was $47 for an NM copy Hank Mobley’s The Flip which I thought was about right (& the exchange rate at $2:£1 was particularly favourable at the the time) & I was perfectly satisfied with the condition of the LPs received.
    But these latest prices are crazy and I think it’s maybe the next case for Al Perlman PI.
    To Don-Lucky:I’d love one of your copies of Vanguard Again if I’m not too late; I currently only have an 80s UK press. Al has my email; do you want to send me a Paypal invoice for shipping (I’m in the UK)?

  • Geraint

    You said what I am thinking. Don’t want to accuse anyone of anything — it could just be a crazy market. But something really appears “rotten in Denmark.”

  • I purchased several lps from bobdjukik from one of his earlier auctions. The prices were very moderate then and the condition of the records was extremely nice. So I assume he just have a lot of viewers and bidders around the world and a very good repuation, so some guys go crazy.
    To Al and don-lucky:
    have I ben lucky and answered fast enough to be a winner of one of the Coltrane LPs? I assume that al has my email-adress from this site – can you arange a transfer to don-lucky, so that he can send a Paypal invoice for shipping (I am in Germany)?

  • Hey everyone it’s not too late… I still got a few of those great original Monaural press (orange / black label) copies of the John Coltrane classic Live at the Village Vanguard Again ! LP (Imulse A-9124)to give away FREE* to Jazz Collector patrons. I am in the process of packaging up the first few for a couple of lucky people, but would love to make just one trip to the post office next week if possible. Please send your coordinates to Al and I will send you a confirmation e-mail… Thanks !

  • Don-lucky – I’m in! I’m a late Coltrane fan. Resisted him for years and recently read the Ben Ratliff book to take figure out what it was I was resisting.

    Now I’m hooked. And the Vanguard / Ole period is the most interesting to me now.

    Don’t have a copy and would LOVE one. I’m in Canada as well. Al should have my address.

    This is a cool thing you are doing.

  • I missed the “Again” there in the title. Still though, D-L nice offer.

  • Well, that’s it folks ! All the LP’s have been sent off to good homes… Enjoy !

    p.s. – ‘Bethellodge’ you got the last copy, and it should have already arrived… Drop me a line when you get a chance. (You should have my coordinates, although my e-mails may have been filtered at your end, so check your junk mail just in case ! Thanks)

  • Al: I gather that, in retrospect, view the price you have obtained for Early Miles ($ 38.78), you would have preferred to keep the record. At least, I would. So
    I just will keep 7025, 7168 plus the U.K. Esquire issue.

  • Actually, Rudolf, I hadn’t thought about it till now. I would have preferred a higher price, that’s true. However, this process is about space and consolidation and trying to figure out how to survive with less than 10,000 records, so I’m actually OK with the decision.

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