Temptation, Thy Name is Newk

Sonny Rollins 10 Inch Jazz VinylThanks again to Clifford for stepping in while I took an unexpected extended break. I am back on eBay now and, once again, subject to temptation. For example: Sonny Rollins Quartet and Thelonious Monk, Prestige 190. This is an original 10-inch pressing that looks to be in VG condition for the record and the cover. It’s not a record I own and, of course, I would like to have it, but not in that condition. So perhaps the temptation is not as intense as it may seem just looking at the listing. This one has a start price of about $80 and so far there are no bids. I have been in the midst of another Adventure in Jazz Collecting that I will share with you in the next couple of weeks involving what would normally have been an absolutely sterling collection of 10-inch records. Unfortunately, the records all have a heavy scent of mildew, and I’ve never been able to figure out how to get rid of that odor. Has anyone been able to solve that problem? I wound up passing on the collection because the seller wanted a price that would have been realistic — although still somewhat high– if the records didn’t reek. He claimed to have gotten an offer at that price. Hopefully, the buyer actually saw, and smelled, the records before making that offer. Details to come once I’m sure that I am fully out of contention for these records.Here’s the other Sonny record I’d love to own: Sonny Rollins Plays, Period 1204. This is an original pressing listed in Ex condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. If you look at the pictures, it’s really tough to trust the seller’s grading. There’s no way that cover is VG++. Based on the picture of the back cover, it looks more like VG. So I can cross that one off the temptation list as well — especially since the price is now in the $550 range. Perhaps the bidders are ignoring the pictures? Or perhaps the temptation to own a piece of jazz history is just too overwhelming to overcome. Certainly, that is a feeling we all know all too well, right?


  • Hi Al,

    Concerning the reeking records, a couple of months ago I got a suggestion by a local dealer to put a paper tumble dryer cleaning towel inside of the sleeve. These are dry, highly perfumed towels.
    This really helps, you have to keep the towel in the sleeve for, let’s say, two days. After that the sleeve reeks to the perfume for a couple of days, whereafter the smell will neutralize.

    Good luck

  • Hey Al, I’m the seller on that Sonny Rollins album. If there’s any questions on the lp, please ask. And if it doesn’t sell, we can talk if you still have interest.

  • You could try unscented dryer sheets, some forms of papers inserted in the sleeve, or contact a friend who lives in the southwest and ask them to hang the sleeves in their garage for a few days. No guarantees though.

  • Several years ago I bought a small collection of amazing titles but the basement mold/mildew smell was overwhelming. A friend of mine who dealt in collectibles told me when needed, she uses Irish Spring to kill the mold smell. She would place an instrument case in a large plastic bag with a couple of bars of Irish Spring for 2 weeks. When the scent of the soap dissipates the mildew smell is gone too. It took some time but worked like a charm!


    Hello; Bill W (who is selling the Sonny Rollins Plays on Period SL1240)

    I was considering bidding on your vinyl. However I have some questions

    1) Why as a seller on Ebay selling what’s considered a rare piece of vinyl don’t you use Goldmine’s Grading System: (i.e. M, NM, VG+ VG, G, P)?

    Also if you’ll continue to indulge me, I’ve included your grading system (shown below) with some additional questions and comments. Your Grading System: (M M- EX EX- VG+ VG G F P B)

    2) What is F, P & B? And is there really any significant difference between P & B? If so what is it?

    3) Lastly in your opinion what (if any) is the significant difference between EX- & VG+

    I’m a high-end collector, and when I see grades outside of Goldmine’s (i.e you listed Sonny Rollin’s grade as EX, nice with no details) I’m personally reluctant to bid.

  • Dimitri… I’d like to answer your questions, but they’re not making sense. I think you may have me mixed up with another seller. I have NEVER used EX (or EX+ or EX-). I have spoken out on this forum several times against sellers who use EX. And I do not use P or B. I use the grades NM / VG+ / VG / VG- / G / F. This is pretty much the Goldmine system. I use VG- instead of G+ but it’s the same thing. You did ask for the explanation of F… The Goldmine definition of F is …” The record is cracked, badly warped, and won’t play through without skipping or repeating.” That said, I will probably never sell an F graded lp. And where did you find that grading system (M M- EX EX- VG+ VG G F P B)? That sure isn’t mine. Now, I did make one error on the Rollins listing as I did not include my grading system in the description. This omission makes the lp look worse that it actually is as most potential buyers will assume I use an EX grade between NM and VG+. I have corrected this error. If you still have any questions regarding the lp, I’ll be happy to respond.



    I’m sorry, my questions were intended for Ebay seller: brazilpsych. I was (mistakingly) under the impression you were him, and was selling SONNY ROLLINS – PLAYS on Period Records SPL-1204

    If you’ll notice in my original post I started with:
    Hello; Bill W (who is selling the Sonny Rollins Plays on Period SL1240).

    Al provides links to (2) Sonny Rollins records. If you click on the second Sonny Rollin’s link in Al’s text you’ll see the Sonny Rolling on Period Records where seller: brazilpsych uses a grading system of: (M M- EX EX- VG+ VG G F P B) to which I was referring and questioning.

    However, thanks for your response.

  • (ha!) ok Dimitri… thanks for clearing that up. Good luck if you bid on the lp. And when you hear from brasilpsych, please scold him for using EX!

  • I would never bid on a rare jazz record from someone with the username brasilpsych.

  • I use the lysol antibacterial wipes on mildewed records. Problem is that if you have the black spots of real mold/mildew this method can smear it around a bit.

  • Off Topic. Just got back from a European vacation and found time to sneak away from the family in Paris for a quick trip to CrocoJazz. Unfortunately, no purchases to report. The store clerk laughed in the uniquely cheerful yet disparaging way of lecturing Americans on the stupidity of their question when I asked if he had anything more “collectible” like BN, Prestige or Riverside or even original BYGs. He then proceeded to tell me that he was quitting his job in a few months as he was turning 62 years old. And by the way, can you please leave the store now as I have to lock up and go to lunch for 2 hours.

    Never knew how tough you European record collectors had it.

    Vive La Difference.

  • The last time I was in Paris was over ten years ago and I did ok, in the back room at La Dame Blanche and at Paris Jazz Corner mostly, but things have obviously changed by now. The mid- to late 90s were quite good; you could still buy BYGs, Americas, and weird small-label 70s French records for cheap prices.

  • @DaveS— I was in Paris earlier this year and went to CrocoJazz (luckily right before lunch time!). I asked the clerk the same exact question about “more collectibles LPs”, and although being laughed at as well, he pointed me out the two records he had in his crates that may fit that description.
    One was Paul Chambers, Whims of Chambers – 2nd press with NY 23 labels in M- condition, priced at 150€. The other was Albert Ayler, Spiritual Unity – early pressing with textured jacket & silk-screened black print in VG+ condition, priced at 40€.
    Needless to say I politely joked around with him, did not negotiate one bit, and left with two great records and a big smile.

  • Congrats Thomas. Seems like a reasonably priced score. He did have the 10 inch Miles Davis Acenseur on Fontana for 250 Euros which was a little steep for my budget.

  • Hello, the Crocojazz seller is the typical parisian record seller : know it all, angry, unpolite. If you ask him about collectors he will become agressive. Forget about him, i never buy in his shop. Parisjazz corner are more in the “show me your credit card and i may have something of interest for you” vein. Often arrogant and don’t disturb them when they are chatting with friends (yes they have friends that spend all day in the shop). Regarding La Dame Blanche, depending on the whether, the inclination of the moon, and the fact that you have a bag with you, the clerk will shout at you or spurn at you. I know all of them, i’m french, i use to be a parisian for long years. And i gave up with all those haunted shops. Some scores anyway :-).

  • At least for books, I’ve heard of people placing charcoal in an enclosed space (safe or some sort of case, a bag would probably work) for an extended period of time. This generally works with items from a smokers home, I imagine it would work well on jackets. I have no idea about the vinyl itself!

    I don’t know if I would buy mildewed vinyl…too hard to tell that it wasn’t mold, which a) spreads like wildfire and b) can actually be hazardous to your health.

  • I was told to put the covers in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. Passed on the records so I don’t know if it works.

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