Giant Steps, Black Label, No DG?

Quick question from a reader: A black label pressing of John Coltrane Giant Steps, Atlantic 1311, with no deep groove. Black label, mono, no DG. If it’s not an original pressing, what is it? I’m not asking this as a quiz: I’m asking to find the answer.


  • especially in Germany there are many facsimile re-issues of Atlantic albums. Maybe one of those.
    Sometimes ther adress on the sleeve gives a clue.

  • …Thanks for the help guys ! I will give you more details about the LP once it arrives. (I am starting to hope it gets lost in the mail !)

  • Hello from Spain. I have one copy
    with blak label without deep groove. This is one of the last copys of the original first pressing.

  • Joaquim: that is interesting. What is the adress on the back of the sleeve?


  • then, I would say, you have an original copy, unless it is a perfect reproduction. One never knows.

  • I have both a deep groove and a non deep groove pressing of this with black label. which came first I don’t know. I like the sound of the non deep groove version better though they both sound similar. Both are far superior to the 2nd bullseye pressing and later ones. I wasn’t particularly fond of this lp til I got my hands on a first pressing. Its great!

  • Jack,
    Do both the deep groove and non-deep groove copies you have share the same deadwax etchings?

  • They are both first pressings.They were just pressed at different plants.One plant still used the old machines with the DG, and another used a newer press with the non DG.
    The non DG is more rare and better quality then the DG press.You will see about 20-1 DG to Non DG.

  • Chris, that is very interesting and essential information, thank you. Have you any further info on Atlantic, until what catalogue number the black DG label first issue, resp. green stereo label, ditto for bull’s eye etc.

  • Rudolf,
    One problem with going by the catalog number for label designs is that albums weren’t always released sequentially. For example the first stereo pressing of 1311 (Giant Steps) was the “bullseye” label while the first stereo pressing of 1325 (Pyramid) was on the green label, both monos of course being on the black label.

  • I just scored a non deep groove black label. Its really clean. I guess I will spin it tonight to see how it sounds.

  • I have a non-deep groove black label mono that has been well taken care of and if i close my eyes it sounds like I’m in the room at the session. My question has to do with a marking on the back side of the lp. In the bottom right corner of the back side there is a “B7” stamped in figures about 3/8th of an inch high. I do not know if this was a code or what but it looks to have been added during the manufacturing process. Anyone have an idea as to the significance of such a stamp?

  • Does anyone have an opinion on when the changeover occurred from the non-DG black label to the fanwheel label?

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