Warhol Anyone?

I had mentioned a few weeks ago how I’d been getting a few requests a week from people interested either in selling collections or in getting advice on what to do with their collections. I’ve seen some interesting items. Here’s one: A guy in Toronto goes into a store and buys the Count Basie record with the Andy Warhol cover (RCA 1112). It costs him 25 cents. He takes it home and notices that there’s a name written on the cover and figures, no big deal, it’s just the previous owner. Then he looks closer. The signature reads “Andy Warhol.” He goes online to look at other Warhol autographs. Sure enough, it’s a stone-cold match. So here he is, sitting with an original Warhol cover signed by Warhol. And he has no idea what it’s worth. He sent me a note looking for advice, and I told him I had no idea what it was worth either. I suggested he try Soetheby’s or Chistie’s or some other auction house. He was advised to start any auction with a price of $500. I haven’t heard back from him, but, if anyone is interested

I would be happy to ping him and see if he still has it or if he’s sold it already. I know based on earlier emails he’d be looking for at least $1,000 ad probably much more. If you are interested, just send me an email at al@jazzcollector.com and I’ll send him a follow-up.

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  • I just found an autographed copy of count basie andy worhal cover signed by by count basie freddie green and al mckibbon . looking to sell Thanks carl snowden

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