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  • Hi I recently came across a Sonny Stitt, Low Flame album in Mono JLP71 there doesnt seem to be any online info on this record.

    Does anyone have any info? Discogs only lists a stereo version.

    It is in VG++ condition with the cover in only Good condition (pen marks, old owners name etc.)

  • Discogs is not a reliable source in many occasions. The stereo version would be JLP971. Jazzland is an imprint of Riverside. The record is not very collectible (in my opinion).

    JLP 71 Sonny Stitt – Low Flame
    Sonny Stitt (alto, tenor sax) Don Patterson (organ) Paul Weeden (guitar) Billy James (drums)
    NYC, April 4, 1962
    Low Flame
    Put Your Little Foot Right Out
    Cynthia Sue
    Donald Duck
    Close Your Eyes
    Silly Billy
    Baby, Do You Ever Think Of Me
    Fine And Dandy
    ** also issued on Jazzland JLP 971.
    ** part of Prestige PRCD-24236-2.

  • Came across a collection with an unopened Mingus Ah Um album in a plastic sleeve with a special value $2.99 sticker.Is there any way of knowing if it is a 1959,66 or 71 release without opening it? CS1871 without the extra songs. Possible value?

  • Hey there,
    I got a version of “Lee Morgan – The Cooker” that has everything to be a first american pressing, except for the ‘INC’ and the ‘R’.
    It does have a DG, a RVG stamp (not etched), a ‘P’, the ‘9 M’.
    There’s “43 West 61st St, New York 23” on the back cover.
    There’s a ‘M of C’ stamp at the back and a french canadian blue promo stamp on label.
    I think it could be a repress from the 1959-1962 era, but I can’t find any information about my version…

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  • I have a question for my fellow jazz collectors regarding the original mono pressing of “deeds now words” by Max Roach on Riverside. My first copy was pretty marked up but had a weird static noise throughout side one. Just recently I bought a NM second copy that also has this weird static noise on side one. There are no visible signs of wear whatsoever and side two plays perfect. Anyone else have this static on their copies??

  • I have a stereo copy only and the sound is O.K. either side. This reply may not help you very much. Others may have more for you. Good luck.

  • This is my first visit to your blog. Like you, I was attracted by one word: Jazz. As a Jazz composer/arranger/producer/performer, I would like to share with you a wonderful story about my first…and newest…LP! The first was in the 1970’s, the newest is right now. With your permission, I’m including a link to “The Story.” I welcome your comments and ideas! Thanks.

  • I have a copy of “Coltrane live at Birdland” that is unopened. It is a limited edition 180 gram recording. I have not been able to find any information online. I would welcome any input concerning this album. Thanks!

  • Hi. I have a copy of Coltrane’s debut LP on Prestige. It is the Yellow New York 50th Street label. The record is in really good condition, the only thing is that the original owner wrote their name on side a label and then scratched it out. The sleeve is in amazing condition, other then about an inch-inch and a half split on the top right seem. The spine is in perfect condition. I don’t know exactly how to grade records I was hoping someone could help me a little bit. How much does the scratches out name devalue it?

  • I have plenty of original press records including nine Miles Davis OP’s. Looking to part with them ASAP for the right price. If you buy all of them I will give a package deal. I can give all photos and verification needed. Please call 4848946365 for more info

  • Hi everyone I recently came across a Louis Armstrong vinyl at an estate sale and when I got home realized there was an autograph. Any suggestions on how to authenticate?

  • OK,folks..time to put the crate-diggin’ aside long enough to check out this new documentary on one of our late giants,Lee Morgan. I’m going to see it in NYC tonite,but if you’re not local ck out the link to the NYT review.

  • Advice please: I have a photo of Duke Ellington with his autograph on the photo and autographs of all the band members on the back. My sister-in-law was a fan and probably got the pic with sigs just prior to WWII…maybe 1940-1941. I have no doubt the signatures are real. Where or how do I establish the value?

  • Hi, please, I need your opinions on this record. I got two copies of the Mal Waldron Mal/3 Sounds, one on the Prestige Bergenfield label, the other has the New Jazz purple label, both deep groove: wich one is the first pressing in your opinion? Thank you

  • Michael Eykens

    Hello guys I need some help here. My Miles Davis Vol 2 has 767 lexington ave on side 2 and 47 west 63rd on side 1. What’s going on here? It has all the other markings of a original 1502 and the cover has no writing on the spine. Thanks for any info. Mike

  • geoffrey wheeler

    Jennifer–check Ebay for “Louis Armstrong autographs” and see what comes up.

    John Williams–Your artifact is so unique the only way you are likely to establish a value for it is to offer it for sale and see what kind of offers come in. Check with Ellington experts and see what they can tell you. Call the Institute for Jazz Studies in New Jersey. They might be able to tell you or suggest some expert to call or email.

  • Stefano: the yellow Prestige label is the first edition of MAL/3.
    Michael: of course your Blue Note is an original, but may be a second or third pressing run, when they ran out of stock for the original Lex Ave labels. These mixed labels are quite common.

  • Quincy McDonald

    I recently came in to possession of about three thousand jazz albums. My plan is to sell them, if they’re worth anything. The problem is that I know nothing about the worth of Jazz albums. Can anyone suggest a book or web site that will help me.

  • Hi Quincy we can help you here if you give us a clue what you have and conditions?

  • Having done this a couple of times in my life (though 3,000 is alot of vinyl), you need to decide if you want to try and sell the whole thing off in 1-2 lots either to record store or a big collector or invest the time to sell it piece by piece on eBay. Selling it in one chunk is hard but if you can get enough interested parties, you can get a fair price. You need to be open however to strangers coming to your house to inspect the condition, inventory, and negotiate a price.

    Selling it in eBay piece by piece is the most lucrative approach (depending on what you have) but also VERY time consuming. 3,000 records is a fulltime job for a couple of months with all the picture taking, description writing, follow-up, shipping, etc.

    As a first step I would try to figure out the relative quality of condition and status of first pressings by labels we discuss on this website.

    Happy to help more.

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