. . . And a Few More Non-Blue Notes

Funny that I did the post yesterday about non-Blue Note jazz vinyl and then noticed an e-mail from the Jazz Record Center with an auction consisting of non-Blue Note jazz vinyl. And then CeeDee sent me a separate note about a New Jazz Eric Dolphy LP fetching quite a high price. To wit:

Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot Volume 1, New Jazz 8260. This was an original purple label pressing with the deep grooves. The record was only VG+ condition and the cover was M-. The price was $887. We’ve seen this record sell for more than $900 previously in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, so it’s not unprecedented. But VG+ vinyl? Per CeeDee: New JAzz — the new Blue Note?

Some of the Jazz Record Center items: Bill Evans, Interplay, Riverside 9445. This is an original stereo pressing with the black label. It looks to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The start price is $100 and there is already a bidder so it will sell. Charles Mingus (et al), Newport Rebels, Candid 8022. This is an original mono pressing that looks to be in M- condition all around. The start price is $75 and so far there are no bidders. I always thought this would be a record more prized by collectors, given the additional presence of Kenny Dorham and Eric Dolphy, among others, and also the unusual circumstances that led to the recording. But, it doesn’t usually get top dollar. This is another one I have to put on the turntable again, since I haven’t listened to it in years.


  • Candid albums fetch far below their musical and artistic value. Unfortunately Nat Hentoff’s adventure did not last, but the small production he made is always first class: the Mingus albums, Booker Little, Cecil Taylor, Booker Ervin, a wealth of talent. I advise to buy this label as long as prices are low.

  • Right Rudolf. last record i listened today was New Horn in Town by Richard Williams. Not bad.

  • Rudolf-I saw this Mingus on Candid recently which surely qualifies as a classic. The price is a comparative bargain(if the rarity you’re comparing it to is on Blue Note). From the cover image to the music within…priceless.


  • Can someone help me out with the pressing information on this Helen Merrill?


    I have a copy of this and want to find out more information. Especially since it went for this much, which I ‘m sure is only because of the other listings, but still.

  • pastime253-your question should be in the READER FORUM area so it can be seen by ALL viewers. These comments are specific to this column. Just an FYI…

  • The Booker Ervin album on Candid is fie if you like this kind of jazz…

  • ceedee: you are right with respect to this Mingus album on Candid, priceless music and such a nice presentation (sleeve, notes and everything else). Also with respect to pastime253’s question.
    Pastime253: the Helen Merrill came in at least four versions:
    drummer label with and without silver lininng, small and big drummer label and the Mercury label without drummer.
    Then the rear of the cover in blue print, or in black.
    This seller does not give any information. What copy do you have?

  • wanna share a couple of comments ’bout this late enough issue, as Rudolf says, maybe at least the fourth.price is too high, it would have been a bargain for a first edition, but the fact that someone has offered so much reminds me of several similar records sold by the well known Bob.
    none of us would have paid such money, simply because we do know what is and what isn’t an original. but the market is not always knowledgeable, so ignorance (Socratic?) can lead to false and expensive starts.

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