Updating The Price Guide, Dec. 2, 2008

Here are some items we’ll be adding to the Jazz Collector Price Guide today. Most of these have previously appeared on the site, so we’re not providing new links. Here goes:

Gigi Gryce, Rat Race Blues, New Jazz 8262. This was an original pressing, deep groove, purple label. Both the record and cover were in M- condition. Price: $205.50

Jutta Hipp at the Hickory House, Blue Note 1515. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing. The record was VG- and the cover was VG. Price: $201.50

Art Farmer Quintet with Gigi Gryce, Prestige 209. This is a 10-inch LP. Record was M- and the cover was VG+. Price: $190

Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550. This was an original pressing. The record was VG+ and the cover was VG. Price: $435

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Collectible Catch-Up

Here are updates on some of the items mentioned here in Jazz Collector the past few days. We’re not including links, since there are links to each of these in previous posts. We will be entering all of these into the Jazz Collector Price Guide this weekend, so please take a look. 

Mary Paich Quartet Featuring Art Pepper, Tampa 28. This was an original mono pressing, red vinyl, in M-/M- condition. Price: $700

Elmo Hope, Informal Jazz, Prestige 7043. This was an original New York pressing. The record was VG++ ad the vinyl was only in G condition. Price: $261.90

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A Few More For Today


 . . . Bird, 10-inch Savoy

. . . Bird, 10-inch Savoy

We promised a few more items to watch on eBay today, so here goes: Elmo Hope, Informal Jazz, Prestige 7043. You’d certainly want this one if you have a copy with a great cover and poor record, because this is just the opposite: An original New York pressing in VG++ condition, with a cover in just G condition. The current price is $91. This LP features Mssrs. Coltrane and Mobley. And here’s a beauty: The Marty Paich Quartet Featuring Art Pepper, Tampa 28. This is an original pressing with the red vinyl. Both the record and cover are listed as M-. Current price is $700.  Finally, here’s a peak at a record Jazz Collector is watching for tomorrow: Charlie Parker Volume 4, Savoy 9011. This is a 10-inch LP and I think this is a second cover (if there are any Savoy experts to help, please feel free to post a comment). Nevertheless, it’s a great cover and a very cool looking LP.

Another Batch From Leon Leavit

We received a note from Anthony Pearson the other day that he’s running another major auction under his anthonypearson2 account. This is the account he uses for the collection of the late Leon Leavitt, which is being sold on eBay in large increments almost every month. This batch includes about 1,200 records and began closing today and will go through Saturday evening West Coast time.  Pearson is also giving winning bidders a break this summer: “It is OK to wait 3 to 4 weeks to issue payment during the summer months,” he writes. Anyway, here are some of the items on this list. Read more

Tommy Flanagan Overseas, On Prestige

Time to catch up on some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay the past few days. Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134, finally sold yesterday for $850. It was like an expensive suit that kept getting marked down. First it was on last week for a start price of $1,100, then this week was on for a Buy it Now price of $950. Last year, as we mentioned before, a nice copy of the same LP sold for $2,414. At $850, the Flanagan LP wasn’t even the highest priced item to sell so far this week. That honor, at least among the items we’ve been watching, goes to Read more

Rarities From Lee Morgan, Jackie McLean

Back watching eBay today and we’re pleased to see that the seller JBLD44000 is back with two of the rarest of the rare jazz LPs. We expect both of these to net prices near or above $1,000. We’ll watch and let you know tomorrow: Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1685. This is an original pressing in nice condition. As of the time we posted today the price was $685. Jackie McLean, The New Tradition, Ad Lib 6601. This is an original pressing in what appears to be decent condition. As of the time we posted today the price was $618.

In addition to these items, this seller has several others closing today, tomorrow and later in the week. Interesting, he sold a copy of the Art Pepper LP Modern Art, Intro 606, for more than $2,000 last week, but it’s up on eBay again for a start price of $1,500. We assume something happened to prevent the other sale from going through. Here are some of the other items we’re watching:

Sonny Rollins Volume 1, Blue Note 1542. This is an original pressing with the Lexington Avenue address on the label. At one point there was a question in our Forums whether this LP was issued with that address. Here’s definitive proof.

Sonny Rollins, Moving Out, Prestige 7058. This is an original pressing with the New York address on the label. It’s not in great shape but, for those who are not sticklers for condition, it’s an opportunity to add a rare record to the collection at, perhaps, a reasonable price. We’ll see: Sometimes even records in not-so-great condition fetch hefty price tags on eBay.

The seller Atomic_records is also back on eBay with some nice items. Take a look at this one and click “View Seller’s Other Items” for a complete list. Donald Byrd at the Half Note, Volume 1, Blue Note 4060Another dealer with some interesting records is sadg. He is selling several later Blue Notes and Prestiges. Check this one out and look at the others. John Patton, Let ‘Em Roll, Blue Note 4239

Finally, the seller bullsite2000 has this item and several others in very nice condition. Take a look: Sonny Rollins Plus Four, Prestige 7038

That’s it for today. See you at Jazzcollector.com tomorrow. — Al

The Tal Farlow Album, Autographed

For those of you keeping score at home, here are some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay:


Tal Farlow, The Tal Farlow Album, Norgran 1047. This is an autographed copy in M-/M- condition. Price: $249.95.  This was one of those records I planned to bid on but figured the price would go too high because of the condition of the LP and the presence of the autograph. The first bid was $249.95 and I expected it to go way up from there. But nobody else bid, including me. Read more

Some Stories on Sal Nistico

We received some interesting letters about our item last week on Sal Nistico. Here are a couple:

“I enjoy your newsletter very much. Your encounter with Sal Nistico Jr. struck a chord with me. From the first I heard Papa Sal on the Mangione Brothers albums I was a huge fan. The only time I heard him live was a complete surprise for me. Sometime in the mid-’60s I went to the Prom Ballroom in St. Paul, MN., to catch a one nighter by the Basie band. The  fist set had just started and as I entered the room my eyes went immediately to the stage to see who as blowing that torrential tenor. Read more

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