For The $1,000 Bin: A Few More Blue Notes

Here are a few more of the records from the seller Natuiluso that are going into the $1,000 bin and are joining the Jazz Collector Price Guide as of today. They are all Blue Notes.

We had mentioned a couple of other Hank Mobley records previously, and here’s another: Hank Mobley with Farmer, Silver, Watkins, Blakey, Blue Note 1550. This was an original pressing and it was listed in M- condition for both the vinyl and the cover. It sold for $1,137, which is the first time we’ve recorded this particular LP at more than $1,000, which is also quite interesting to us because we do happen to own a copy in M- condition and $1,000 is language that kind of appeals to us.

Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, Blue Note 1588. We had mentioned that a copy of this record had set the previous high on Jazz Collector at $3,750. This one was in beautiful M- condition, but it feel just short of the previous high price: This one sold for $3,501.

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A Couple of Rare Birds, One For the $1,000 Bin

We’re still running the contest to give away a free copy of The Charlie Parker Memorial Album, Savoy 12000. Please comment on the site to be eligible to win. Meanwhile, here are a couple of nice bird collectibles that sold recently on eBay, including one for the $1,000 bin.

Charlie Parker, Alternate Masters Volume 2, Dial 905. This was an original 12-inch Dial, quite rare. It was in very nice VG++ condition and was sold by the seller Herschel78, who has been selling some beautiful items lately. This was fetched a price of $1,350.

Also from Bird is this: The Charlie Parker Story, Savoy 12079. This was an original pressing, with a great cover of a relaxed Bird sitting on a throne. This was from the same seller and was listed in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $150.  You don’t often see the Bird Savoys selling for these prices.

Joining Bird in the $1,000 record bin is this:

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Today on Ebay: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

The seller Herschel78 is back with some very nice items that are closing today. Here are a few:

Jackie McLean, Lights Out, Prestige 7035. This record is VG++ and the cover is near and it’s an original pressing with the New York address and yellow label. A real beauty, at least in the picture. The current price on this one is $620 and there are still a few hours to go. Tempting, but I’m trying to get rid of records, not acquire them.

Also, Here Comes Louis Smith, Blue Note 1584. This is an original pressing in near mint condition, “the finest copy you’ll ever see,” according to the listing. This is now at $800 and is a near certainty to crack the $1,000 barrier. In the Jazz Collector Price Guide we’ve seen it go for as much a $1,420.

This one is also in beautiful, near-mint condition:

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A Few More (Blue Notes) For the $1,000 Bin

The $1,000 bin keeps getting bigger and bigger. We just did a search on eBay of completed auctions of $1,000 jazz records and it was quite stuffed. Here are some of the items we will be adding to the Jazz Collector Price Guide. 

Louis Smith, Smithville, Blue Note 1594. This was an original pressing with the West 63rd Street address. The record was listed in in “excellent” condition for both the vinyl and the cover. According to the seller’s notes, “excellent” is what we wold normally use for VG+. So, in VG+ condition, this record sold for $1,525.

John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This was an original pressing with the West 63rd Street address. The record was in M- condition, both vinyl and cover. The price was $1,905.

Lee Morgan Volume Three, Blue Note 1557. This was an original West 63rd Street

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Updating the $1,000 Bin

We’ve been updating the Jazz Collector Price Guide this morning and we just added a fairly  large group of records that surpassed the $1,000 price barrier. We’ve mentioned some of these before on Jazz Collector, but it’s interesting to see the group all at once. There are no links attached to these, by the way, so don’t try clicking them. Here goes:

Bent Axen, Let’s Keep the Message, Debut 133. There are actually two copies of this that fit into the category. They were both in M- condition, both cover and record. One sold for $1,790.90 and the other sold for $1,326.

Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. There are two copies of this as well. One was sold by the Jazz Record Center and was in M- condition, both record and cover. It sold for $1,492. the other was in VG++/VG+ condition. It sold for $1,575. Go figure.

Here’s the only one on the list that was a bit of a surprise:

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Two More For the $1,000 Bin

Things may be slow on eBay this days, but there always seems to be a large appetite for some of the rarest records, and two of the ones we’ve been watching sold for more than $1,000 recently. We haven’t had quite such luck with our own sales although, admittedly, we haven’t been putting up gems. Still, we had more than 50 records up for auction this week and probably sold only about 50 percent. This is highly, highly unusual, since we tend to underprice the records and grade them conservatively. The other thing, and a few readers noted this, is that traffic on eBay seems to be down: Not only are fewer people bidding on the records, fewer people are looking at the records. I think it’s all a temporary lull — a reaction to the economy — and I’m planning to continue posting records on eBay. Whatever doesn’t sell I put into the store inventory, which you can view by clicking the Items For Sale link above, so you may find bargains if you take a look. In the meantime, we continue to track eBay pricing and here are the two records that recently sold for more than $1,000:

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Quickie Quiz

I posed a question in a post yesterday, but nobody has responded yet. I know you all know the answer, so perhaps you just missed it. But here’s the question I posed yesterday: On the album Here Comes Louis Smith, Blue Note 1584, the alto player is listed as “Buckshot La Funke.” Who is it really? By the way, there’s still time to post a comment on the site and be eligible to win the Leo Parker LP. We’re going to have Mrs. Jazz Collector draw the winning name tonight, and we’ll post the results tomorrow.

Today on eBay: Some Bennie Green on Blue Note

Fairly quiet day on eBay today, but there’s always something. Here are a couple of nice LPs from the trombonist Bennie Green: Bennie Green, Soul Stirrin’, Blue Note 1599. This is an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record is M- and the cover is VG++. The current price is already $264 and it hasn’t yet reached the seller’s reserve price. We’ll see if it sells. One of the things I like about this album, aside from the music, which is quite good, is that Blue Note lists one of the tenor players simply as “Jug.” Obviously, this was Gene Ammons and he was under contract with Prestige at the time, but by using his real nickname they didn’t really try to hide anything. Another one of these I like on Blue Note is on Here Comes Louis Smith, Blue Note 1584, where the alto player is listed as “Buckshot La Funke.” It’s not hard to figure out who this is, but I will leave it to our readers to supply the answer. Also up on eBay today is

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Some $1,000 Records

As we were writing the latest post, we noticed that Jazz Collector has been keeping an eye on some records from the past few weeks that sold for more than $1,000. This is always an interesting barrier, so here are some of the records that crossed it:

Sonny Clark, Dial S For Sonny, Blue Note 1570. This was an original pressing, of course. The record was VG++ and the cover was VG+. Price: $1,401

Hank Mobley, Hank, Blue Note 1560. This was an original pressing with the West 63rd Street address. The vinyl was in VG++ condition and the cover was VG+. Price: $1,275

Donald Byrd, Byrd Blows on Beacon Hill, Transition 17. This was an original pressing with the booklet. The record was M-, the cover was VG+ and the booklet was M-. The price was $1,913. 

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