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We try to keep an ongoing tabulation of prices of vintage collectible vinyl on eBay. This is not a complete list, but it is one focused on the more collectible labels – such as Blue Note, Prestige, Norgran, Riverside, Verve, Transition and others – and the more collectible artists.

On this table, the condition is listed as record first, cover second. Generally items we track are original pressings in VG+ or better condition. As you know, all dealers do not grade equally and the prices of certain records are affected by the dealer’s reputation and by the way he or she packages the eBay listing. In any case, eBay represents the best public market and indicator of real pricing patterns for the Jazz Collector market, far better, more accurate and up-to-date than any price guides. You can sort this by artist, label and price. If you are searching for a particular artist, type in the last name first followed by a comma and the first name, such as Davis, Miles.


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  • Hello-
    I am Miles Davis’ great granddaughter. His Son – my uncle Miles Jr just recently passed and We have a couple artifacts from him that he kept from miles that we are willing to sell but we don’t know where to set that prices at. We have items such as custom made jackets work by him in live performances and concerts.
    Thank you for your time-
    Gabrielle Davis

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  • I would like to buy Jazz Vinyl every type of Jazz. Please advise on my email what you have available and the price. I will reply if I am interested!

  • My 63 year old brother has been collecting jazz albums for 20+ years. He has a ton of albums and is now looking to sell the collection. Most are in good to excellent condition.
    I can send a list of what he has (several hundred) if you are interested.

  • Hi Jim am a South African.

    Tell how much does yor brother sell the entire collection?

    Interested please me the list.

  • Interested to buy bulk collection.

    How much is expected? Also send a list

  • Hi Jim,

    I am interested in the collection of records. Please let me know the albums you have.

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  • Hi I’m just about going thru’ my late dad’s jazz record collection. It includes Miles Davies, Cannonball Adderley, Thelonius Monk, Tommy Dorsey, Stan Getz, to name a few, have these value? If I sent over a list could I get an estimate?

  • Hello, I have a collection of Jazz albums that I have been collecting for over 45 years. My collection includes over 60 albums by Coltrane and 40 by Miles. I would like to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing the entire collection. I also have a collection of albums from various genres of music. I have yet to list all of the albums, however l will start soon on that task.

  • I have bulk collection, a thousand listed and catalogued. Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, are high album counts, will send the 1000 album catalogue upon request.

  • Have 1000’s of album, ranging from very good to mint condition, can provide list upon request.

  • Have a BEVERLY KINNEY SINGS FOR JOHNNY SMITH COVER VG AND RECORD IS TOO. want to sell. give e mail address to anyone interested

  • I have the vinyl album of The John Barnes Roy Williams JazzBand (15-31 Stereo), and it is signed by both artists. Album and cover in very good condition. How can I find out how much this worth?

  • I have purchased a large collection of records of which there is a lot of jazz records.
    l am trying to value the jazz records to sell.
    My research shows rvg ear blue note is rare and valuable.
    For example one of many l have is Blue Note 4002 RVG EAR 43 West 61st .,New York 23. Jimmy Smith House Party. I would appreciate any information to enable me to value records like this.

  • At a booksale I have found a Prestige/Metronome Records vinyl of Thelonious Monk.Sonny Rollins, A-Side: Work, B-Side: Nutty
    with Percy Heath and Art Blakey
    MREP 430
    Made in Sweden for Metronome Records
    Red and black cover by Hannan
    It seems to be in a very good condition, never or seldom played.
    Anyone interested?

  • I have a big jazz collection, ( about 1200 vinyl records), and I sell it.
    If you interesting I can send you the hall list.
    It stetting from 1930-1990 approximately…
    140 of Duke Ellington- 40 Miles Davis- 30 Thelonious monk- 11 Stan Getz- 40 Sonny Rollins- 25 Lester Young- 17 Johnny Hodges- 15 Eric Dolphy- 50 Dizzy Gillespie- 14 Dexter Gordon- 15 Dave Brubeck- 11 Count Basie- 18 Coleman Hawkins- 16 Clifford Brown- 10 Chet Baker- 60 Charlie Parker- 60 Charlie Mingus- 14 Bud Powel- 18 Billy Holiday- 11 Art Blakey and many many others like Thelonious Monk, Winton Kelly, Sidney Bechet, Cannonball Adderley, Ben Webster… etc.

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