Price Guide

We try to keep an ongoing tabulation of prices of vintage collectible vinyl on eBay. This is not a complete list, but it is one focused on the more collectible labels – such as Blue Note, Prestige, Norgran, Riverside, Verve, Transition and others – and the more collectible artists.

On this table, the condition is listed as record first, cover second. Generally items we track are original pressings in VG+ or better condition. As you know, all dealers do not grade equally and the prices of certain records are affected by the dealer’s reputation and by the way he or she packages the eBay listing. In any case, eBay represents the best public market and indicator of real pricing patterns for the Jazz Collector market, far better, more accurate and up-to-date than any price guides. You can sort this by artist, label and price. If you are searching for a particular artist, type in the last name first followed by a comma and the first name, such as Davis, Miles.


We’ve added a new feature to the Price Guide that allows you to look at all the records at once and sort them according to artist, label, price or time entered into the system (so you can look at the most recent entries first). This feature makes it much simpler — and a lot more fun — to look at all the records and compare and contrast. To use the feature just click on this link:

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