Now Available: Vintage Autographs, High End Audio

We get all kinds of random inquiries here at Jazz Collector. We’ll post a few here, in case anyone is interested or has any comments.

One of our readers has a set of three vintage photos, autographed, framed and mounted. All three photos appear to be made out to Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis. The signatures are from Dizzy Gillespie: “To my Dixieland friend — Dizzy G” (that’s what it is, although it would be tough to associate Lockjaw with Dixieland); Dave Tough: “To Jaws, Dave Tough;” and Sidney Catlett: “Blow that horn Jaws! — Sidney Catlett.” It is certainly an interesting piece of jazz memorabilia. If you are interested drop us at note at and we’ll put you in touch with the seller.

Another of our readers is moving from New York to California and has a batch of high-end audio equipment he is looking to sell. This includes a Klyne pre-amp; B&K stereo amp; Carver tuner; Sota turntable; Sumiko tonearm; Snell speakers and

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