A Question of Ridiculous-ness

wes and jimmyI told you there’s always excitement when we’re watching the bobdjukic auctions. CeeDee is back with this note:

SUBJECT: who is paying this kind of bread for these readily found LPs?

BODY TEXT: Al, I give up. I thought I could figure out “what sells and what doesn’t” but I’m finding I have no freakin’ idea!

RECORD IN QUESTION: Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith, Further Adventures of Jimmy and Wes, Verve 8766.


PRICE: $455

So, for today’s quickie quiz: Which sale is more ridiculous, the Jimmy and Wes one above or the other one cited in the earlier post, namely John Coltrane, The Other Village Vanguard Tapes?¬†This was also sealed and sold for $237.50. Or is there perhaps another that we missed? I vote for Jimmy and Wes being more ridiculous, although it was a close call. At least the Coltrane is a double record and sold for a price that was more than $200 lower than the Jimmy/Wes record.


  • it’s obvious that he uses some 25th frame technique among his redblueyellowgreen flowering descriptions..
    better not try reading the text – you may fall under the spell and put a 400$ bid on a 20$ record

  • for me, any price above 10$ for an impulse during the “bloodletting” years is ridiculous. i bought this mint for 9$ from the princeton record exchange. sigh.

  • Well regarding the Jimmy & Wes obviously two bidders wanted it really bad – possibly dealers with end customers with deep pockets.
    Sealed is the magic word here – how many selaed copies are left? On the other hand the latest sealed Verve copy I bought had a pressing defect so there is no guarantee that sealed is mint…

    Well our friend Bob has created his own buying universel and personally I just want the prices to stop rising so that I can afford to aquire more nice LPs.

    If we all just keep cool it could perhaps mitigate price wars?

  • It was me. i admit it. I’m just a sucker for those “(strong) VG++” records which may have “scratches never exceeding 1 1/4 inches.” But of course, the records can’t possibly be VG+, because they are “full-bodied analog recordings!”

    Alas, friends, the real entertainment is yet to come. Seller bobdjukic has CDs galore up for grabs! And if you are wondering, all CDs are visually graded. It’s most likely because play-grading CDs is a prohibitively expensive endeavor only for the well-to-do music resellers. But these are RARE CDs, so bid now!

    Have a strong VG+++ day!

  • I don’t think I would go higher than $10 for both. Maybe at the last minute I would just say … nah!
    Weird market we have here these days. I just stick to my guns and buy what I really want. 99.9% of the time the records I buy are my favorite records and I’m just trying to upgrade and maybe get originals if I have, say, a New York press that should be a 47 w 63rd etc etc etc …….

  • I’ll say it again. BOB the DJ u KIC
    just never stops amazing me.

    On one hand he makes me vomit with an obvious crew of shill bidders (sells other people’s records so they can bid it up) but on the other hand he raises the bar for sellers like me and I smile whenever I get $40+ for a 5 digit YES record!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would be very curious know who is the guy who spend 455 $ for a Jimmy and Wes on Verve (sealed). Whoever he is.

  • Bryan, you are correct in that 95% of the records he lists are graded VG++ or better and usually some sort of variation on that grade.

  • zarabeth47: is that true, with the shill bidders you think?

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