Jazz Vinyl Giveaway: Tal Farlow on Verve

Okay, now we’re cooking. This is a great, great, great jazz guitar LP featuring Farlow in his prime in a fantastic trio setting with Eddie Costa and Vinnie Burke: Tal Farlow, Tal, Verve 8021. Costa was a great accompanist as well as an inventive soloist and it’s clear he had a great rapport with Farlow. So, why give away this wonderful record? Because I am loyal to my friends at Jazz Collector, of course. Well, it also happens to be that this is a Japanese pressing  and, as I was working on my collection this weekend, I discovered that I actually owned three copies of the Japanese pressing in addition to my own original Verve with the trumpeter logo. How did that happen? Inertia, I think.  Or something like that. Anyway, I have at least one copy too many, so I am happy to share it with one lucky reader here at Jazz Collector. In order to be eligible to win this record

all you have to do is comment on the Jazz Collector site — somewhere on the site, about any topic — over the next two weeks, until the contest closes on November 16. At that point we will pool the names of all the eligible contestants and put them into either a real or a proverbial hat and pull out the name of the lucky winner. For anyone who doesn’t know this music, particularly any guitarists out there, it’s worth posting a comment or two on the site to try to win this one. You’ll be quite pleased and even if you don’t win you’ll have had the joyous opportunity to share a comment, opinion or even a jest with your fellow jazz lovers out there in the world.


  • Hello, just wanted to let you know that i ‘ve started a blog featuring my jazz record collection… it was a rainy and boring day, family was away, so it started like a little game. It will grow up, because i have hundred of records…and not that much time ! To see all the records i’ve already put, click on “previous message” at the bottom of the page and you will see…Sorry no logical order, just my inspiration… but we are between connoisseurs, right ?

  • Click on my name to see the blog.

  • Now this would make a great christmas present to my father, I wouldn’t certainly mind winning this one!

    And thanks for this site, which rocks (or jazzes?)

  • Very nice, Michel. I may borrow your idea some day. The nice thing about doing this is that you have a copy of your collection on a centralized database for insurance purposes.

  • I don’t usually post, but you’ve tempted me with that one.

    I normally stop by and learn a little more about collecting jazz every day.

    So while I wouldn’t mind a little more Tal in my collection let me mostly take the time to say thank you.

    Thank You for the site and info.

  • Just found your site about 6 weeks ago. I’m commenting because I like Tals’ playing and want to get entered into the contest.

    However, I also have a question. I just started buying vinyl again. Just bought a new turntable as well. Do you or anyone have recommendations on good books or publications to become more knowledgeable in regard to collecting jazz vinyl/lp’s? Sometimes I don’t know if I should bid for certain items on ebay. I often think if they look old they must be old but I suspect this is not always true. Thank you in advance for any responses.

  • Ayrton, I think your best bet is to come to Jazz Collector and look at the Price Guide and some of the archives and post questions on the site. The Price Guides that have been published are a total waste and have done far more damage than good to us collectors. The important thing, I still believe, is buying music that you like and worrying less about whether/if it is collectible.

  • Ayrton, I totally agree with Al. I have several jazz price guides that are not reflective at all of either the Jazz Collector price guide or ebay. I buy music I like, and most of the time I am happy with the prices I have paid. You should definitely pay attention to grading. Also, you should check Al’s listings on ebay. I have purchased from him before, and his prices are very reasonable and the quality of the records very high. Never buy on ebay if you can’t see the photos in detail and the seller doesn’t grade the record. You just get ripped off.

  • Michel:

    Nice collection. When you start down-sizing like Al, I’ll take the Tina Brooks and the Lee Morgan.

  • Thanks !! check out, i ve added many more records

  • Michel, these are great photos!! I really appreciate your posting them! There were many that I didn’t know existed. Also, your photos have sparked my interest in the New Jazz series. Thanks again!

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