A Jazz Vinyl Auction To (Carefully) Watch

Are there any gamblers out there? Here are some interesting items from a seller in Italy, including : Art Taylor, AT’s Delight, Blue Note 4047. The seller describes this record, as well as a bunch of other jazz collectibles, as being from his grandfather’s collection. There is no mention on any of these listings about some of the characteristics you’d want to see on a Blue Note to determine it’s provenance. No mention of deep grooves, addresses on the label, RVGs, ears, etc. Yet . . . if you look at the picture, you get the sense that perhaps they are originals. Or could they be someone else’s pictures? The seller does not accept returns. Perhaps we’re back to being skeptical again, since this is around the two-year anniversary of the great eBay Nautiluso fraud, from Italy. Clearly, others are skeptical as well, based on the price of this record and other listings from this seller. This one, listed in M- condition for the record and the cover, is now at $260. Here’s another from the same batch: Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, Blue Note 1588. This is described as being in M- condition and a U.S. pressing, but all of the other important data is not included in the listing. The bidding on this has gone to $585 and the auction is closing in a few hours. Under normal circumstances, what would an M- copy of this sell for — $3,000, $4,000?


  • I’ve been watching these auctions; past scams, and the seller’s relatively low feedback has kept me from bidding on any his stuff as nice as it may be.

  • Wasn’t the Nautiluso fraud something from Brazil with a hint to Germany, to make it sound serious?
    Re Cool Struttin’: I asked the seller a few precise questions. No reply!

  • The only thing this seller seems to have going for him is that all the pics seem to be taken at the same location. I’m always leery of someone selling high end merch with almost no feedback history.

  • Yes, Indeed. My mistake — Brazil and Germany. It’s fun to look back at all of the posts. Just do a search using the term Nautiluso.

  • About fifteen years ago in a pre-eBay era I bought from a seller from Turin Italy some Blue Note originals :Walter Davis Davis cup, Horace Parlan Movin’ and groovin’ ,Art Taylor ATs delight and Cool struttin’.The latter I unfortunately traded for a Cecil Taylor FMP box set..This seller is also from Turin,perhaps a coincidence.

  • Well, there is a reason why many of the sellers on eBay are refusing to send items to Italy, because of their horrible postal service. Packages get lost or get damaged. At least that’s what I’ve read. So the question is maybe not if the items are original and in top shape, It’s if you are willing to take the chance with the Italian postal service for such rare and expensive records..? Personally I wouldn’t bid on such items if the seller doesn’t have more in-depth info on the records in the description to begin with… I’m not a gambler I guess.

  • Cool Struttin seems to have the R under the E in Note and the “inc” in the address, thus making it a later pressing. Hard to tell for sure…

  • This Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’
    has the R.

  • Hi,
    I asked the seller 2 times about 2 different records with specific questions : No reply .

    Just for you to know.

    Please,also accept my best wishes for Christmas ..

    Merry Christmas to all the Jazz collector’s readers and to Al Perlman and wife !!!!!!!!!!

  • I just noticed that the second batch of LPs listed by this seller are now all cancelled. My initial thought was to be skeptical but then I started thinking that perhaps a knowledgable collector made an offer for whole collection. I am now curious.

    I for one was willing to take a gamble (up to a $$point) – ended up being the cover bid on AT’s Delight, I believe.

  • I don’t get it. He gives an in-depth description of the Bob Dylan including good pictures while at the same time his descriptions of the Blue Notes sucks. You’d think that he’d done his homework before he’d put the whole lot online. At the same time I simply can’t understand why someone would pay almost two Grand for that Sonny Clark, since it clearly has the trademark R on the label…

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