A Little Hope For the Hipp

Booker Little Jazz VinylHere’s one you don’t see too often on eBay: Booker Little and Friend, Bethlehem 6061. I guess in this case the friend was Booker’s trumpet. The record and the cover are both in VG+ condition and the start price is $350. Thus far there are no bidders with about a day and a half left on the auction as of this writing. We’ve seen this record sell for more than $700 a few times in better condition than this, so the seller might have expectations of the record selling for this price.

Here’s another seller that is optimistic with a start price of more than $1,400 for this record: Elmo Hope, Meditations, Prestige 7010. This is an original New York yellow label pressing listed in EX+ condition for the record and Ex/Ex+ for the cover. I’m like Bill W. on the previous post. I’m never sure what Ex or Ex+ means, although I’m assuming for this record the condition is either M- or pretty darn close to it.

And now we have Jutta Hipp, New Faces, New Sounds, Blue Note 5056. This is an original 10-inch Lexington Avenue pressing listed in Ex condition for the record and M- for the cover. There is mention of a tiny scratch on one track, which may be the reason there are no bids yet. The start price is $300 and there’s more than a day left on the auction.



  • In what world is that Jutta Hipp cover NM- ?

  • Clifford…Would you grade it VG+? I probably would call it VG++ although I know that’s frowned upon by some. I just feel like VG+ is way too broad of a category.

  • As a buyer, you have to wonder that if a seller doesn’t know how to properly grade a cover visually, how can you trust their vinyl grading? His eyesight might be poor enough that he’s unable to see any small imperfections that could be audible.

  • The Elmo Hope album has the 2nd art cover I believe. I think the 1st art cover has a grey image, not blue.

  • I agree Clifford, I like my NM covers not to have tape and a chipped corner. Would proudly display it on my shelf but it’s VG+ cover.

  • Hi, I just got an Elmo Hope copy on my local dealer. Condition is G, both cover and vinyl.

  • I’d grade the cover VG(+).

    I use M–, VG++, VG+, VG, VG–, G. Sometimes I’ll add a parenthetical plus or minus if something is in between grade, and try to be ultra-conservative. It seems to pay off with happy customers.

  • with that ‘NM cover ‘ i wouldn’t trust the grading on the disc!!

  • Clifford… I like your grading system. Once EX is removed, grading becomes more clear and understandable.

  • Yeah, that’s my feeling. I also avoid buying most records below M- or NM- if I can help it. Been burned in purchasing a lot of EX records over the years. But after looking at the images again I think one could make the case for a solid VG+ on that jacket… I’m just more conservative and the tape stains aren’t too attractive.

  • I use EX as a grade but I really mean it’s “EX” as in just shy of NM. Maybe an inaudible scuff mark would make a NM record “EX”.

    But yeah I’ve bought many supposedly “EX” records with groove distortion, crackles and pops, etc.

    I actually play grade all the albums I sell so that eliminates missing any potential issues.

  • What is the most you guys have ever spent on a jazz lp ? What was it ? I know this is not the regular conversation, but I bet ya it would be enjoyed by all…. Yours truly pop, hiss, and click !

  • I spent $900 on a red vinyl promo of “amalgamation” by Masahiko Sato and Soundbreakers. Prior to that my most expensive purchase was “the wire” by Steve Lacy at $500.

  • $60 is my personal high (red vinyl Bob Gordon on Tampa). I haven’t paid more than $25 on any of my Bethlehem records, so this Booker Little blows me away.

  • 110 on a mint Basra Mono original

  • $205.00 on a NM stereo copy of “House Of Blue Lights” by Eddie Costa on Dot.

  • 160.00 on VG++ wlp Hanover Jack Kerouac Blues and Haikus

  • Gregory the Fish

    my highest was $113 on an NM WLP of “A Love Supreme” but I know someone spent $125 on my NM NYC “wheelin and dealin'” as a gift. My average is probably somewhere around $20.

  • About 200 euro’s on a Bergenfield Saxophone Colossus; looks VG but plays almost NM, barely any surface noise and just one pop on side 2. Cover is VG+. Highest after that is 75 on a mono NY Point of Departure. I generally don’t like to spend over about 60 on individual titles, though I have two or three of rock records I spent over 100 on.

  • The most money I’ve spent on a blue note was probably $300 usd for a Lexington JR Monterose in EX condition. I’ve made lots of money off records I’ve sold in the past, for example I once sold a record for $1000 that I only paid $7 for, so most of the expensive records I’ve bought were funded by profits I made on other records that I flipped!

  • What about you Art? What’s the most you’ve ever dropped on an LP?

  • Several years ago I paid $40.00 for an Atlantic Jack montrose w/ my favorite Bob Gordon. I wasn’t disappointed and listen to it often. Most of my collection is full of clicks, pops and hisses! but it plays and the music is fantastic jazz. I think that I do not own a record that you guys would classify as EX or NM. That goes for the covers also. So far in my 50 years at this it has been rewarding and a great learning experience. I perfer 10 ” if possible and always look for something that isn’t well known! The hunt, the 1st time on the turntable and the forthcoming WOW!! Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to this great ongoing conversation.

  • @ Art: I thought I was the only Bob Gordon fan! The Pacific Jack Montrose is an exceptional recording as well.

  • Art/jok: make it three please, here’s yet another unconditional BG fan. The Atlantic is great, as is his own 10″ quintet on P.J. He excells in Montrose’s Ensemble work for Chet Baker and Clifford on 10″ P.J. and the Montrose sextet on P.J. 1208. Less known is a quintet recording of 1954 by George Redman on Skylark with Herbie Harper on trombone.

  • and not to forget three Lennie Niehaus albums with Bob G.

  • Rudolph: The Redman record was re-packaged as Tampa’s “Moods in Jazz”. Gordon also is on one side of Herbie Harper’s session on the Liberty label.

  • While we are at it…….” The Melrose Ave. Conservatory Chamber Music Society ” Decca 8130. Bob plays on one side, it swings!. The little known Duane Tatro album on Contemporay 3514, Bob is on 4 songs and if you are not put off by the know nothing critics may I suggest a bunch of Dave Pell! One to look for, a 10″ Hall Daniels on Zim 1008 and let’s not forget the Clifford Brown classics !

  • jok/Art: I have the Redman as a 10″ on the English London label, first class Decca pressing, no doubt superior to any Tampa version. Herbie Harper’s Liberty side is originally a 10″ Nocturne album.
    Great to see Melrose Ave. mentioned by you, as well as Tatro and Hal Daniels. All excellent. Less excellent are the Pell albums for the simple reason that Bob Gordon is seldom featured, and if so, his solos are too short. Pell is a real professional though, there is nothing wrong with him.

    I think with this collective effort we covered the whole Bob Gordon scene.

    Art: I always consider the P.J. Brown sides to be Jack Montrose’s. It is my favourite Clifford Brown album. According to Clifford’s widow he thoroughly enjoyed doing these sessions. The 12″ re-issue by P.J. is rightfully named “Arranged by Montrose” and has of course the Bob Gordon quintet album on the reverse (less two tracks).

  • P.S.:

    still further from home: Bob’s presence on Pete Rugolo’s “Adventures in Rhythm” for Columbia. Bob is heard on this album only in a short solo on King Porter Stomp, just following Jimmy Giuffre’s, also on barytone.
    I have always kept this record in my collection just for this very short solo. How far can one go without becoming pathetic?

  • Bob is also with Ruggolo on some June Christy records. I’ve been looking for the Hall Daniels on Jump records!

  • jok: the Hal Daniels on 10″ Jump Records is in blue wax and very elusive. You will have a better chance with the 12″ re-issue on ZIM Records, which, btw, has alternate takes.

    Bob had to earn a living, whence his presence with Rugolo, why not? We cannot blame him.

  • “Very elusive”………makes it even better when one of us finds one. Although, I am pretty certain none of us will. It’s that rare.

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