Catching Up: Sahib, Serge, Newk, Woods

This one almost made the $2,000 bin: Sahib Shihab and the Danish Radio Jazz Group, Oktav 111. This was an original Danish pressing. What was most amazing about this listing was the number of views it received — more than 1,600. It was listed so that it came up on the first page when you would do a search of jazz vinyl, but still, 1,600 views is quite a lot for any record. Also, I have to plead my ignorance about this LP: I’ve never seen it before and know nothing about it, so if anyone has insight to share, please feel free to do so. The record seemed to be in VG++ condition, close to M-, and the cover was also about VG++, based on the description. The price was $1,952.60.

This one seemed to get top dollar: Serge Chaloff, Blue Serge, Capitol 742. It was an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover and it was sold by Euclid Records. The price was $364.88. Finding these records in such

mint condition is such a rarity, you wouldn’t be surprised by any price, right? I mean, if this sold for $1,364.88 in this condition no one would be shocked.

This next one sold for nearly the same amount in VG+ condition but, of course, it is a Blue Note: Sonny Rollins, Volume 2, Blue Note 1558. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing. The price was $360.55.

One more. We’ll catch up on that copy of Phil Woods, Woodlore, Prestige 7018. You may recall that we had our eye on that one and debated whether to write about it on Jazz Collector. It was in VG+ condition and it was only around $40 when we did our previous post. We tried to sneak off with it with a snipe bid of about $140. Hah! The record sold for $338.88. Did we bring defeat upon ourself? Highly doubtful. It was merely wishful thinking to suppose that a record such as this would not sell at its fair market price, which it probably did.


  • Al,although I’ve never heard the lp,I do know it’s available currently on compact disc. While that’s not your first choice off the shelf,you can hear what “almost..$2,000” sounds like-before you put down YOUR next 2k,that is!

  • the lp is famous for the work sahib has done on it…. he worked at that time in denmark.
    But also because the recording itself is more than beautifully done, it is supurb..

    A japanese jazz-fan has reissued the lp a couple of years ago, (limited) with exacty the same cover and label..
    I bought one luckily, but even the reisue is now a collectors item…

  • a good review i came across:
    played with the Danish Radio Jazz Group. That association resulted in the authoritative performances on this recording, which provides ample proof of Shihab’s ability to groove with the best of them. All the tunes were written by Shihab and are characterized by intriguing, minor key melodies that provide great jumping off points for the soloists. His arrangements for the sizeable Radio Jazz Group often veer off into unexpected tangents, courtesy of sudden tempo changes, unusual instrumental combinations and surprising rhythmic patterns. There’s something almost Mingus-like in the big, brassy sound and angular contours of Shihab’s charts. Each cut establishes a solid rolling groove that just won’t quit, and the collective improvisation of the musicians maintains a consistently high level. Shihab is particularly effective on baritone, his off-center but always swinging phrases showing the influence of Monk without detracting from the individuality of Sahib. Trumpeters Palle Mikkelborg, Palle Bolvig and Allan Botschinsky also shine, as do vibist Louis Hjulmand, bassist Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, drummer Alex Riel, and the rest of the Danish ensemble. This superb disc makes one wish Shihab had recorded more albums as a leader. Sadly, most of his output is now out of print, which makes the release of this CD all the more reason to celebrate.

  • That Sahib Shihab album is a wonderful album! One of the tunes, Di-Da, was featured on the compilation ‘On The Spot’ vol. 1 (Ricky Tick Records) a few years ago.

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