Today’s Jazz Vinyl: It’s a Wrap

One of our readers sent me a link to this listing from a few weeks ago, using the word “insanity” as a modifier: Wayne Shorter, Adam’s Apple, Blue Note 4232. This was a Liberty pressing. It was in VG++ condition for the record and the cover. There was some original shrink wrap on the cover, which perhaps is a big deal for someone. For me, well I just rip it off and throw it in the garbage. Anyway, this record sold for $997.65. That’s right, the very cusp of the $1,000 bin. Question: Does anyone recall ever seeing a Liberty Blue Note selling for this amount of money before? I don’t.

There must be something about the shrink wrap, or even the loose wrap, that is becoming something of an attraction to collectors. As we had mentioned earlier, we were watching a pair of Jackie McLean Prestige records. One was Jackie’s Pal, Prestige 7068. This one had what looked like a shrink wrap, even though the first Prestiges of that era would have had a loose wrap. In any case, when we first posted on that record the bidding was just at $45, which was quite surprising for an original pressing listed in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. The record wound up selling for $610. The other record was Alto Madness, Prestige 7114. This was also an original pressing. It also had a promo stamp and the looser wrap more typical of the era. This one was M- for the record and the cover and the final price was $810.


  • the two Prestige albums you are referring to had a shrink wrap and a loose baggy wrap. The seller, as far as I could conclude, did not make a mention of it. When taking the pictures, he just did not bother to take them of.
    Anyway, apart from later Status and Status related issues, Prestige albums did not come in shrink, neither in loose bags. So I don’t see the issue.
    Regarding the Wayne Shorter in shrink, the price is quite amazing.

  • The price for that Wayne is in-sane.

  • Gregory the Fish

    insanity is right. i recently passed on a $60 copy (no shrink, though) in favor of a black jazz lp. perhaps i made a mistake? i doubt it. still, nice for the seller! and i hope the buyer is happy, too.

    i will say that on the few occasions that i have perhaps overspent for a record, the joy of the record lasts long beyond the sting of a few extra dollars lost.

  • Liberty is the first label for “Adam’s Apple”, right? And this one is mono… but still, the stereo copies go for under $50 pretty frequently.

  • Anders Wallinder

    I think the Mono attracts and should be quite rare.

  • Actually if you check Popsike even the stereo of “Adams Apple” has popped a few times

  • Let’s not forget it’s one of Wayne’s best records and by far one of the best from the Div Liberty years.

  • @Mark – wow, you’re right, amazing that it has topped $500. I’m shocked that “The All Seeing Eye” has a peak price of $405, I listen to that one a lot.

  • I find a lot of times shrink wrap does exactly that, shrinks over time and damages the corners. It’s nice to find a record in the original wrap remove it and see how nice the cover looks without it. I do have some still sealed records where I have cut the shrink at the corners to avoid damage. That being said I never last long with sealed records. Always curious about the label and or want to play it.

  • Among all of the 116 Liberty pressings of ‘Adam’s Apple’ listed on Popsike, mono:stereo ratio is 27:89. So I would estimate the proportion of mono production ranges from 16 to 31% (95% CI). Of these, the highest 10 listings (161 to 539 USD with the median of 256 USD) are all in VG++ to NM condition and seven of them are mono.

    Of the 29 items listed during the past two years, only three are mono and the last VG++ mono copy was sold just two years ago at 151 USD.

    It seems that mono pressings of this title in collectable condition have become increasingly rare, rarer than some earlier BN monos. I would like to see how it goes for the next eBay listing of this mono version.

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