What’s Going on With Jazz Vinyl Prices?

anita2 copyI finally got back onto eBay yesterday and I did a search and came up with a bunch of nice Blue Notes, including a nice copy of Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, and it was interesting because none of the Blue Notes had any bidders. They all have several days left, so I’m expecting that the action will pick up. The thing that did surprise me was the one record that was getting a lot of action was this one: Anita O’Day Sings Jazz, Norgran 1049. This has the black label so it’s not even an original pressing. There are already 10 bids and the price is more than $150. The record is in M- condition and the cover looks to be VG++. I can’t quite figure out why the strong interest in this record. Norgrans are not particularly hot, and neither are Anita O’Day records. Any theories?

This one closes in six days, but if someone wants to swoop in and grab it, there is a buy it now price of $2,400: Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, Blue Note 1588. This looks to be an original pressing listed in Ex condition for both the record and the cover. The start price is $1,400 and so far there are no bidders.

Here’s another nice one with no bids:

Booker Ervin, The Book Cooks, Bethlehem 6048. This looks to be an original pressing in M- condition for the record and probably VG+ or VG++ for the cover. The starting price is $390. Are the starting prices for these records too high?





  • The 1588 has INC on the Side 1 label, not original.

  • There are like 3 copies of Cool Struttin on ebay now.

  • I was watching Roll Call with one side being deep groove for $1,527.00. Seems like a lot.


    Or Sonny Rollins 1542 for $2,181.00 (I was way off on my bidding for this):


  • That Anita O’Day has fetched some high prices in the past, with bidders not necessarily differentiating between black and yellow labels. Perhaps because of the great DSM cover?

  • Man wonder what Atomic Records charges to consign records

  • so what is the story with the yellow/black verve labels and the trumpet, dancers, etc? what comes when? i have a few verses with black trumpet labels that i believe are originals.

  • *a few VERVES that is. stupid computer.

  • seems like a bidding war on the O’Day. Yeah, not an OG on the Clark but I’m sure it’ll sell for $1400. That Booker may not be all that clean – when someone says “a mark away from NM” I assume that mark will sound…

  • The true original for the O’day is the 10″ Clef #130 which in, supposed, M- conditon is listed as the only sale on PopSike for $312… what iw the general thinking on 10 inchers these days?

  • Yeah , I see the Anita O’Day as a bidding (Ego?) war possibility too.

    On another note , I was digging through my Jazz LP’s , unseen , not played , it would seem in years , and I came across this :
    Not a Blue Note, Not a Prestige, Not a Riverside or Clef,Verve ,Norgran but a….


    “Blue Serge” Serge Chaloff with Sonny Clark , Joe Jones , Leroy Vinnegar.
    Original Mono , Maroon Label T742.
    What a wonderful LP. Listened to it twice.
    I fully agree with this statement from an on line review :

    “Chaloff is just ravishing to listen to; his tone has an enticing brittleness, and his style is nuanced, conversational, heavy on the use of dynamics and he always seems to be barely containing some intense explosion, to the great benefit of his playing. A must have.”

    Anyone else here a fan of Serge or this LP ?

  • Joseph… i have it, but almot never played it. Good idea ! Will give it a spin at night.

  • Joseph – Blue Serge is one of our favorites, gets played weekly. Just superb all around, Serge in sparkling form. And the sonics are super; thank you Capitol.

  • Joe, Joseph. PLayed it tonight. I agree with you ; Fine record, indeed. Fantastic sound. A must have.

  • Blue Serge is fabulous. Boston Blow-up is good too, but I like Blue Serge a bit more.

    Capitol and Liberty mono’s had a very nice sound to them.

  • Hi Joseph, you mentioned maroon label, I thought the original Blue Serge is on turquoise label…?

  • Looks like that Sonny Clark sold for 2400

  • Gandi,

    You are correct. Turquoise is the color. Time to get my eyes checked !

  • Why Anita? She is a one of a kind singer many consider to be one of the bet jazz singers ever.

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