A Wailin’ Session (And More)

Art Taylor copyI was piling a bunch of very nice records into my Watch List folder and noticed that many were from the same seller, including Art Taylor, Taylor’s Wailers, Prestige 7117. This is an original New York yellow label pressing that looks to be in at least VG++ condition for both the record and the cover, and perhaps even better. The auction closes in three days and the bidding is close to $500. Interesting coincidence: Just a couple of days before noticing this listing I put this record on the turntable and gave it a close listen. I don’t think I’d ever listened to it and I was expecting one of those Prestige jam sessions. It’s not. It’s a well arranged, carefully conceived album with tremendous playing all around. The main group has Donald Byrd, Charlie Rouse, Jackie McLean, Ray Bryant and Wendell Marshall, in addition to AT. I have no idea why Prestige threw in another track by a separate group with John Coltrane, Red Garland and Paul Chambers, but of course it’s wonderful that they did. Coltrane is in nice form, but it’s the rest of the album that is also quite impressive. I highly recommend giving it a listen for those of you lucky enough to own a copy.

Here are a few other highlights from this same auction:

Dexter Gordon, Daddy Plays the Horn, Bethlehem 36. This is an original red label pressing that looks to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. Bidding is in the $200 range. Another great record.

Art Pepper, Modern Art, Intro 606. This is another original pressing that looks to be in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover. This one is already priced at more than $900 and will surely break into the $1,000 bin.





  • Man oh man, that seller has all the good stuff!

  • …I’m surprised to see such a great copy of Modern Art by Art Pepper in there as well. The cover on this one is quite clean compared to mine. What a solid date for Art, and still one of my personal favorites.

  • The seller is a friend who lives ten minutes from me in Brooklyn and most of these records are really nice original pressings. He got them all from the same relative of a deceased collector a few weeks ago. Needless to say, quite the score.

    The other big game title in there is Thad Jones Vol. 3:


  • I would love to get Modern Art on Intro but I believe this copy will land in the 2000$ bin …

  • He got a really, really good collection indeed – nice dude, have bought from him before (via the Waxidermy connection).

  • hey guys. appreciate it. i truly tried to undergrade these listings. the stuff is so beautiful and i didn’t want to get all crazy and start throwing NM on everything that looked remotely clean. i graded a step down on covers for a stamp.

    every time i go to look at an LP if someone asks a question that isn’t listed i get nervous because i look at the LP and i am like “did i grade this right?” it is pretty much subjective but i think i did a great job. it was a grueling task.

    on that note. regardless of how awesome the stash was i get this weird feeling there is more (even though there wasn’t and the daughter has yet to find any). there was no Coltrane, large gaps in label years even though the collection went through those years. no Sermon or Song for my Father which lets face it is represented in every jazz collection good or bad….

    good luck to all bidding.

  • nobbyknucks – I had the same feeling about the “gaps” when I was watching the listings in “real time” (pgiampi1 on Instagram here). I had actually assumed they had been purchased from you off of eBay and never listed, or that they were saved for your personal collection. It isn’t exactly an eclectic batch of jazz but the pressings are all over the place. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a few of them but I’m going to assume I won’t be scoring Taylor’s Wailers…

  • Nicest auction run I’ve seen in awhile. Although I didn’t bag most of the higher end titles (e.g., the early Miles, Art Farmer Quintet, Thad Jones, Woods/Byrd …), I did score a few lesser titles as upgrades. Many of these are in such nice condition … won’t see these again for some time I bet.

  • The final price on the Thad Jones was decent ($700).

  • Also dunno if it’s proper to do this here. But I have an extra copy (condition is a little off) of Dexter Daddy Plays and Taylor’s Wailers from a separate collection. If anyone is interested you can email me and I’ll send you pics and grades.

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