Today on eBay, January 20, 2009

We can’t spend too much time on eBay this morning because we have to watch the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, which is very exciting. But we’ve be able to cull through the next 24 hours worth of jazz collectibles, to bring you a few gems that are being offered today by various sellers. Foremost among these sellers is Euclid Records, which always seems to come up with some goodies. Here are a couple: Serge Chaloff, Blue Serge, Capital 742. This is an original pressing. The record is M- and the cover is VG++. The current price is $294. Also from Euclid is Serge Chaloff, Boston Blow-Up!, Capital 6510. This also seems to be an original pressing. The record is M- and the cover is VG++. The current price is $33. Goes the presence of Sonny Clark on Blue Serge make that much of a difference in the value between these two records? 

Also coming up today on eBay are:

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Today on Ebay, January 13, 2009

Here, quickly, are some of the hot records on eBay today. When you look at each of these, make sure to check out each seller’s other items for some more rare jazz collectibles. Each of these is from one of the top eBay sellers in the Jazz Collector community. From Euclid records is this: Horace Parlan, Headin’ South, Blue Note 4062. This is an original pressing. The record and cover are M-. Current price is $363, with a couple of hours to go. From Jazz Record Center is: Freddie Hubbard, Goin’ Up, Up, Up, Blue Note 4056. This is an original pressing. The current price is $317. Finally, from Atomic Records: Hank Mobley, Workout, Blue Note 84080. This is an original STEREO pressing. The record looks to be M- and the cover VG+. Current price is about $150. Don’t forget to check out the Jazz Collector Price Guide to see how these records end up.

A Rare Roland Kirk LP, And Some Fond Memories

The other day I was sitting in my room listening to Roland Kirk, Volunteered Slavery, Atlantic 1534 — Side Two, the one that was recorded at the 1968 Newport Jazz Festival. And I was thinking it was a shame that none of his records, other than this one side, ever really captured both his prodigious talents as well as the incredible excitement and amazement he generated with his live performances. I used to see Kirk whenever he would play at the Village Vanguard, and he was a true phenomenon: Three horns strung around his neck to be played in unison; a couple of flutes hanging off his body, including a flute he would play through his nose; various gongs and sirens and alarms and whistles and other noisemakers all aimed at adding various tones and textures to his playing. And his playing — on tenor, on flute, on whatever — was vastly underrated. He could wail and he could swing and he could play ballads and he was just a gifted musician and performer. 

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Back in Business, Part 2

OK, so we’re starting to get back into the blogging rhythm, shredding some of the cobwebs. Here are a few more items Jazz Collector is watching on eBay: Euclid Records has a couple of nice Anita O’Day Norgran records closing soon. This one, Anita O’Day Sings Jazz, Norgran 1049, is in M- condition and is now priced at $105.50. Note the beautiful cover illustration by David Stone Martin. And this one, An Evening With Anita O’Day, Norgran 1057, is also in M- condition and is priced at $124.50. We’re personally more partial to this one, since it features the presence of Tal Farlow in his prime on several of the cuts. We’ll keep an eye on both of these and see what happens.  We missed the Anita O’Day movie when it was out this past summer, but we heard it got great reviews. Anyone out there see it. Wanna share with us?


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Hank, Blue Note 1560, Going . . Going . . .

We mentioned Euclid Records on our last post and then we went to eBay to look and see what’s available today and one of the first records we hit was this one, for sale by Euclid Records: Hank Mobley, Hank, Blue Note 1560. This is an original pressing and one of the really rare Blue Notes. This LP is in VG++ condition and the cover is VG+. We took a look in the Jazz Collector Price Guide and the previous high that we recorded for this LP was $495. That will definitely change once this record sells, in a half hour or so. The bidding has already reached $1,275, and there are 23 bids, so we can expect it to go for more. Stay tuned.

What Happened at the WFMU Record Fair?

Sorry we haven’t posted in a few days. We sold some records at the WFMU Record Fair on Friday. There were good crowds, maybe about 3 percent were interested in jazz, and, from what we sold, the bulk went to a couple of dealers, one from Japan, the other from Belgium. In walking around, we didn’t see a great deal of high-end collectibles — we didn’t bring any from Jazz Collector.  Most dealers save those for eBay these days. We did see Joe from Euclid Records and he apparently had a few high-end Blue Notes, including Cliff Jordan Blowing in From Chicago, Blue Note 1549, and one of the early Lee Morgans.  Joe, if you read this, let us know how you did. Also, we see that Jason Sweet, one of our other readers, commented elsewhere, so if you were there and would like to share your impressions, please feel free to comment on this post.

Reader Comments: Dinah Washington, Prestige Covers

If it’s Thursday, it must be mail day. Today we have a couple of thank-you notes, plus a request for information about Prestige 10-inch LPs. If anyone out there has the answer to the Prestige question, send a note to us. And please, keep those cards and letters coming.


“Just wanted to say thanks for the Dinah Washington Sings Fats Waller LP I won a month or so back. Only got to listen to it last night and, wow, was I impressed. My orbit for jazz vocals has always had Ella at the center, with Sarah Vaughan, a little early Nancy Wilson and not much else. I’d never really heard Dinah before. Oh, what I’d been missing. Read more

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