Rare Jazz Vinyl, But Not For Me

Back in business with a few items we’ve been watching on eBay. We haven’t been buying records for a white but we decided to try to win a couple of items recently, using our sniping software. Here’s what happened, starting with: Lester Young and Teddy Wilson, Pres and Teddy, Verve 8205. This was an original pressing with the trumpeter logo that was in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. I was perusing eBay and noticed this with a start price of $99 and no bidders, quite close to the end of the auction. I do own a copy of this record, but it is a bit of a mess, VG- cover and VG record. I have had a clean copy of this record in the past and, quite honestly, I don’t recall what happened to it. I can’t imagine I sold it or traded it, as it is one of my favorite Pres records. In any case, the idea of upgrading my copy was quite compelling, and it seemed as if there might not be any action on this record so I tried to sneak in a bid in the range of about $11.50. The final price was $113.50, so someone else had the same idea, but decided to go with a higher bid. How how, we’ll never know, but I will keep on the lookout for a clean copy of this record and would have no problem paying in the low hundreds for one.

I tried a similar tactic with this record, also to no avail:

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Not Out of the Blue Quite Yet

Sonny Red copyThe eBay watch list for jazz vinyl is still pretty full with interesting stuff. Let’s start with one that is not an original and will not even make it to the Jazz Collector Price Guide, if and when I ever get around to updating it again: Sonny Red, Out of the Blue, Blue Note 4032. This is an odd pressing: It has the West 63rd Street address on the labels, but no deep grooves and no ears. It also has shrink wrap, with a stamp that notes the record can be played on stereo players. I’m thinking this may be an early Liberty pressing when they still had old labels left over, although I don’t recall ever seeing other later and/or Liberty pressings of this record. There is a bid on the record at $40, but the seller also has a reserve price that hasn’t yet been met. I’ve had my eye on this record for a long time because I once owned a copy and traded it away about 30 years ago and have never been able to replace it. I can’t see replacing it with a non-original such as this, so the search goes on. Trading away an original copy of this record in beautiful condition was not one of the brighter things I’ve ever done in the world of jazz collecting.

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A Couple of Golden Oldies

Pres and teddy copyGlad so many of you are having fun playing with The Stupid List and enjoying it in the context in which I put it out there. Meanwhile, my watch list on eBay is overflowing and I will start with Lester Young and Teddy Wilson, Pres and Teddy, Verve 8205. This is an original pressing with the trumpeter logo. It is listed in what looks to be M- condition for the record and VG for the cover.  The start price is about $10 and so far there are no bids, with five days left on the auction. This is not a record I would normally be watching here and, in fact, the only reason I noticed it was because I am watching some of the seller’s other items. A couple of things strike me. So far, in all of the comments on The Stupid List post, not a single respondent has mentioned Lester Young as a top five favorite jazz artist, which seems somewhat incredible. If Jazz Collector had been around 30 years ago, Pres probably would have been as predominant on the lists as Coltrane or Rollins. It shows how tastes change and, as time gets further away from the musician’s primary artistic contributions, people tend to either forget the influence, or diminish it or, perhaps, just move on to other artists. Louis Armstrong

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Catching Up on Some Odds and Ends

Here are a few odds and ends we’ve been watching:

So when did this become a collectible: Don Patterson, The Hip Cake Walk, Prestige 7349? This was stereo pressing with the blue label. It was in M- condition for the vinyl and probably VG++ for the cover. It sold for $71. I realize that is not a Blue Note price, but I kind of viewed this as a $20 record. Is it the presence of Booker Ervin? I’ve seen certain Booker Ervin records, The Song Book on Prestige and The Book on Bethlehem, sell for nice collectible prices, but not any previous Don Pattersons on Prestige.

Here’s a nice Verve: Lester Young and Teddy Wilson, Pres and Teddy, Verve 8205. This was an original pressing with the trumpeter logo. It is also

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Jazz Vinyl Updates: Clef, Verve, Norgran

Last week we recorded a bunch of high-end Blue Notes for the Jazz Collector Price Guide, and a batch of nice Prestiges, and even some nice 10-Inch jazz vinyl. So, today, let’s turn our attention to another of our favorite labels — or, in this case, a series of labels. How about some nice Norgran, Clef and Verve LPs? Here are some of items we’ve been watching and will be entering into the Jazz Collector Price Guide.

Lester Young, The President, Norgran 1005. This was an original yellow label pressing with the cover illustration by David Stone Martin. It was sold by The Jazz Record Center, so it was bound to get top dollar. This one looked to be in VG++ condition for the vinyl and M- condition for the cover. The price was $320.55.

This is a great record with a great cover: Lester Young and Teddy Wilson, Pres and Teddy, Verve 8205. This one was in VG++ condition for both the vinyl and the cover. It was sold by the seller Herschel78, who had a bunch of nice Verves/Norgrans/Clefs a few weeks ago. This one sold for $316.11. Also from the same seller was this:

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