The Inbox: Junior Mance Documentary, Expensive Vinyl

Here are a few items from our email inbox, starting with a note from a producer of a planned documentary about the pianist Junior Mance. It seems a lot of the film’s focus will be on Mance’s relationship with his wife Gloria, his career and his battle with dementia. I took a look at the trailer and it definitely seems a worthwhile project. In addition to posting this comment, I made a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign to support the movie. I first became aware of Mance on his early albums as a sideman with Cannonball Adderley and Johnny Griffin/Lockjaw Davis. He always had a big soulful sound, somewhat underrated as both a soloist and as a sideman, IMHO. It would be nice to see a documentary tribute to his life and work. Speaking of which, I am hoping to see the Lee Morgan documentary this weekend and I’ll have an update soon on the Coltrane documentary “Chasing Trane” next week since the movie is opening soon in New York.

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Updating the $1,000 Jazz Vinyl Bin

Here are some nice additions to the $1,000 bind of the Jazz Collector Price Guide:

This is part of that nice batch of British Tempo LPs: Jimmy Deuchar, Pal Jimmy, Tempo TAP 20. This one was in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $1,802.77. Frankly, I’ve never heard of Jimmy Deuchar, but I imagine it is the presence of Tubby Hayes that defines the real value of this record. There’s a nice picture on the cover with Tubby looking . . . well . . . just a little bit tubby.

Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550. This was an almost original — NY  23 just on side 2? — and was in M- condition, part of the beautiful batch of records recently sold by Jazz 5060/Music Matters. It sold for $1,691.55.

Cannonball Adderley, Somethin’ Else, Blue Note 1595. This looked to be an original pressing in M- condition for the record and probably VG++ condition for the cover. It sold for $1,136.11.


Jazz Vinyl Today: Keeping Up With The Tempos

It’s always fun discovering records I’ve never seen before, even discovering them on eBay: Case in point: Victor Feldman and Tubby Hayes, Transatlantic Alliance, Tempo TAP 19. This I assume is a British pressing. The record is listed in VG or VG+ condition and the cover is VG+. The price is already more than $500 with a day to go, so I imagine this is quite a rare record. Along the same lines, from the same seller, another one that’s new to me: Victor Feldman and Tubby Hayes, Swingin’ the Blues, Tempo TAP 21. This one seems to be in similar condition — VG or VG+ for the record and VG+ for the cover. The price on this one is also around $500.

Didn’t realize this one was a $100-plus record: Curtis Fuller, Soul Trombone, Impulse 13. This is an original pressing with the orange label and RVG in the deadwax. It is listed in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover and the current price is a bit more than $100, closing fairly soon.

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eBay on A Summer’s Day

I can’t believe it’s July 1 already. I’m definitely in summer mode. I took two days off and haven’t posted since Monday. I think that will happen fairly routinely this summer so keep checking the site to see if we’re up that day and what gems we might find for you on eBay. We’re following the market just as closely and we’ll make sure to keep the Price Guide and Latest Prices up to date regardless of whether we post new entries on the site each day. I hope this makes sense on at least some level.


In any case, we’re up on the web today and here are some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay.  We start off with a nice collectible from the rare Imperial label:


Sonny Criss, Go Man!,  Imperial 920. This was an original pressing in M- condition. It sold for $650. Read more

The Tal Farlow Album, Autographed

For those of you keeping score at home, here are some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay:


Tal Farlow, The Tal Farlow Album, Norgran 1047. This is an autographed copy in M-/M- condition. Price: $249.95.  This was one of those records I planned to bid on but figured the price would go too high because of the condition of the LP and the presence of the autograph. The first bid was $249.95 and I expected it to go way up from there. But nobody else bid, including me. Read more

Another Day, Another Thousand Records

Another day, another thousand or so records on eBay. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to go through them all and it may as well be me. Here are some of the items we’re watching over the next couple of days: Don Sleet, All Members, Jazzland 45

After you click this item do yourself a favor and click “View Seller’s Other Items.” You will see some great records in great condition that will sell for high prices.

This is another dealer with some good items this week. Art Taylor, Taylor’s Wailers, Prestige 7117

One of these days we will get this record, but not this week. The price tag of $450 is already a little too steep. Read more

Tubby Hayes, Art Taylor, Shades of Red

Back from the weekend and finally caught up on eBay. Here are some of the records we’re looking at over the next day or two:

 The dealer JBLD44000 out of Seattle has still more highly collectible records in nice condition at high prices. He has a few closing today, including:

 Tubby Hayes Quintet, Down in the Village, Fontana 680-998, with a price of $750 as we posted this.

 This dealer has many more high-priced, interesting items over the next two days, including:

 Art Taylor, Taylor’s Wailers, Prestige 7117 in M- condition.

The price on this is already $450. We missed out last week on a copy in VG++ condition that sold for $307.

Freddie Redd, Shades of Redd, Blue Note 4045 in nice condition, but not mint. This is priced at $295. I’m watching this because it is a favorite of mine – I think the music is terrific, with Jackie McLean and Tina Brooks – and the only copy I have is a Japanese pressing. My copy sounds great, but it’s not like having the original. Read more

A Potpourri of LPs

I went away for the long Memorial Day weekend and didn’t look at eBay for three days. Here are some of the things I missed:


Howard McGhee, Music From The Connection, Felsted 7512. This was in nice condition and sold for more than $1,000.


Benny Carter, Cosmopolite, Norgran 1070. This was an original yellow label copy, autographed by Carter and, according to the dealer, directly from Carter’s own collection. A nice collectible, indeed. Read more